Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stupid and Funny (at the same time)

Yesterday I took Peanut Queen’s advice.

I shaved my head.

Sure did. It’s kina shiny and because I have a round face I look somewhat like the beloved round yellow smiley face. Or Jack from the Jack in the box commercials.

However, I actually like it. I think I look really stud, in a smiley face kind of way.

I think brown eyed girl might disagree. We had a conversation last night that went like this:

BEG: Where have you been?

7: I was at 24 hour fitness working out.

BEG: Anything new going on there?

7: Nope, but I think my new shaved haircut must look really good.

BEG: Oh?

7: Yep, it seemed like everyone was staring at me. I noticed a lot of people just keep looking and looking at me. Some of the women even smiled at me.

BEG: Why would they stare at you do you think?

7: Maybe my handsome muscles and I had that new Nike shirt on too. I looked in the mirrors and thought I really looked like a stud.

BEG Do you mean you looked different to yourself that just a day ago?

7: Yea.

BEG: That’s stupid.

7: Well, but I just noticed everyone kinda staring at me. What else could it be?

BEG: Maybe because your face is very tan and you have a dark complexion to begin with?

7: I’ve always looked like that.

BEG: I know but you haven’t always had a white scalp to contrast with it. It’s sort of like an upside down chocolate sundae.

7: Does it look stupid?

BEG: Well, yes sweetie it looks really stupid and funny.

7: Oh.

The End.


Grant said...

Tell her she's jealous because you can now have any woman you want, and maybe you want to trade her and the car in for newer models. Commence mid-life crisis.

Seven said...

Way way too late. I had that 14 years ago.

Jenn said...

I think that's the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Now your head is going to start sticking to your pillow as the hair grows out...even better.

Rob said...

7, hmmm. my last comment to my BEG might have been oh, oh. and I'd have to re-evaluate those long stares and sympathetic smiles.
Maybe a really big band aid might help.

Rob said...

follow-up for Sampson, you might want to check your strength level, pa'dna.

Anonymous said...

do we have a picture of this shaved head so we can judge ourselves?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'll have to post a picture of my husband when I met him, just out of the Army. He had a shaved head, but some of it was growing back. Damn, was he hot. I stared at him without even realizing what I was doing until I realized he was staring back and I thought: Oh, no, he may be hot, but he's got a shaved head, military fatigues and he's probably a psycho! And we're still together. Take pride in your shaved head, my Texan friend.

Seven said...

This sticking to a pillow thing sounds like experience talking? Have you shaved Jenn's head before??

Well since you have actually seen my round face you can probably vouch for everyone that I surely look like a smiley face!

I'm probably looking tooo hot right now to actually show you. Close your eyes and imagine Jack from 'Jack In The Box'. Same think only I'm more handsome of course.

Hmmmm...... a baldy

Angie said...

lmao. Tell BEG I love her!!!

How many women have asked to feel your bald head??? If it hasn't happened yet, it will. Go buy some bronzer and wait for the girls to start rolling in.

Seven said...

OK. No problem. Wait where?

Leesa said...

So are you going to show us?

Seven said...

Well, maybe not now...BEG sez I look stupid and funny...:-(
Of course I am in to funny...

patti_cake said...

Bwaaa Haaa haaaa "an upside down chocolate sundae" chalk one up for the brown-eyed girl ;)
I'm sure you look Hawt!

Jenn said...

D'OH!! Not my head. The Idiot shaved his head....once he finally could admit to himself he was practically bald.

Seven said...

Yes she is clever and mean; a deadly combination.

You know what? It's a track and workout thing. So I'm bald by choice not by nature.
Or, maybe like Grant sez it's my second middle aged crisis. Or post midle aged crisis. Or some damn thing anyway.

Enemy of the Republic said...

No, he isn't a baldy freak now. But when he was in the service, he would have hair shaving parties. He told me that if you kept your head bald, stayed in better shape than the NCOs and yelled "OOOYAH!" a lot, they basically left you alone. You only had to worry about the enemy.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey, I STILL think bald men are HOT! ;)

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