Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old Habits Die Erect

I collect change in jars. When one gets full I find another one and just keep filling them up. Today I became aggravated with myself because I had just too many full change jars in my personal space. I dumped all the jars into one giant plastic paint bucket and took it to my grocery store. My grocery store has one of those change counting machines where you dump in all the change and it counts it for you, then screws you out of 7 percent of the total. When I was finished with my dump, and had taken my 7 percent screwing I had a voucher for $337 US.

At first I thought it was kinda cool. But then I realized the only reason I have so much change is because I use cash all the time. I carry a lot of cash, sometimes $600 or 700 dollars in my pockets. It’s an old habit. As the Rolling Stones sing, old habits die hard; which come to think of it is exactly the way I wish to die, rigid in all parts, it just seems heroic to me.

Anyway, I also realized that not many people carry cash any longer. Debit cards are the way to go, and yes I do have one. Still I use cash a lot. That makes me part of an old class of hombre. I see a day, starting tomorrow, when only old men will carry cash around, sort of like a dying breed, similar to how old men also wear Fedoras on their head, but no young men wear Fedoras unless they are in a rock or blues band. Or, maybe if they are retarded and shop at Goodwill, no offense intended to the retarded that might be reading here and you know who you are. Maybe. OK, and also no offense intended if you shop at Goodwill. Who would buy a hat at Goodwill anyway?

I carry cash and I feel really dated.

I’m old. I have cash. I have change.

Don’t judge me.


Oh crap. Damn change.

Damn 337 dollars.

I wonder if they would credit my debit card instead of giving me cash?

I think I need a Fedora. A new one to make me feel like one of the band.


Jenn said...

This reminds me of when I used to work in a branch of my bank. There was the huge push to move everyone to debit cards. But we peons knew that it would never happen until at least one generation passed away.

Apparently, we haven't gotten too far in the last decade. But now we (in the banking industry) have invented a new word...electronification.

Watch out, Seven, watch out. :-)

Oh..and next time take your change to your bank. They'll count it for free.

Reach said...

If I may "piggy-back" off of Jenn’s comment, I remember when the treasury was announcing the discontinuance of the penny from circulation. I began saving pennies to the point that I am now collecting these copper pieces in five gallon Sparklett’s water bottle. No need for a gym membership, just come over and move my coin collection to the other side of the room. Anyway, I’m digressing at this moment; the word was that our nation would be utilizing The Debit Card to 85% of all purchases. OK, I see that point proving true; however, today while I was sending my son a care package from home the clerk was surprised that I paid the $19.43 postage with cash. Less than Twenty Dollars and the clerk was surprised? She actually asked me twice if this was my intention, now that surprises me. Just what is the “standard” consumer utilizing these days? I think I’m with you- it’s time for a Fedora. You know, they do look cool when somebody has a “bald” head, and dark sunglasses- Oh man! I’ve seen many guys with that combination do well in the “picking-up” category. Hey, maybe that can be my next topic. Why do women like a bald headed, sun-glass and Fedora wearing man? Well, if I ever needed feed back, your page would be the place to get it.

Now, I’m thinking……

A hat at the Goodwill, you say? I guess that is better than the purchase of some BVD’s, or Hanes (loose fitting) at the Goodwill. Somehow, I don’t see a hat as all that bad now. But then again, I am in the military and we will wear any hat as required.


Ps, do me a favor and email me from my page.

kathi said...

You made me laugh, thanks.

I have a family money jar. It's about a gallon sized jar and it's mostly change, but also has several bills in it. The rule is, you can't take out if you never put in. So, the boys and I empty our pockets into it daily and all found money from the washer or wherever goes into it.

The fedora, I was smiling because I was thinking, 'hey, my 16 year old wears a fedora', but then you mentioned the rock band, so it all fell into place.

Your rambling at the end had me laughing, and your carrying around $600 - $700 on you makes me want to get you drunk. ;) Just joshin'.

patti_cake said...

You are too funny Seven :)

I think cash is a "guy" thing. Stacy does it,his dad did it, My dad does it and all empty their change into another vessel. Stacy always has a couple hundred on him.

I on the other hand have what I call (and my Mom called) "mad" money stashed away in my wallet. That is a "girl" thing LOL

So.... didja buy a sexy fedora with the bucks? I saw two boys this past week walking around in old school fedora's. I think we have JT (Justin Timberlake) to thank for the particular phenomenon.

Rick said...

Three-hundred-37 DOLLARS? Damn, man, you can buy a CAR with that! Oh, wait, I'm dating myself again.

~Deb said...

I always feel embarrassed whenever I use that change machine in the grocery store- as if I'm in really bad shape. I remember once, an old friend came to say hi to me while I was plunging a ton of change into the machine, and she looked at me with pity!!! I just played along and said,

"Yeah, things are bad."

She nodded and rubbed my shoulder and told me to take care! ha! Eye-yi-yi!!!

Anyway, I prefer to hold cash as well as debit cards. It's nice when you're out with friends to lunch or dinner and don't have to split the bill with a card. Tacky!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Due to my female gender and my life in urban hell, I don't carry much cash, but my husband does. I think it is good as you know exactly what you are spending. The bad thing, of course, is getting mugged. That is my fear. My husband doesn't scare too easily, and I would find it hard to imagine him giving up money that he's worked really hard for. But that's another discussion. You are very cool with me, Seven!!

Lynilu said...

Well, first, listen to Jenn. Banks don't charge you to do that. BUT ... call ahead, because not all branches have them. (I think that's odd ... do the employees at the branches without the automatic counters have to count and roll the change by hand?)

I carry cash, too. Yes, I'm even older than you! But especially now, living in the community I do where there are several small towns, villages, actually, I've found that many businesses don't take plastic!! Really! Small business in small communities can't afford it because of the cut taken by the plastic-controlling-conglomerates! When I first arrived I was using the debit card for almost everything, and I usually kept cash for "emergencies" (but not $600!!!!). I was at first amazed, but when I thought about it, many of these places are mom 'n' pop businesses, making just enough to stay afloat, so the cut taken by the big guys hurts. They will take a check from Timbucktoo, Uzbekistantamople before a debit card. It is a significant cultural experience for me, but I'm adapting. I'm not, however, wearing a fedora. I do own one!!!

Rob said...

Panhandlers are out luck when they ask for change or a hand out, 'caue I don't carry. I don't don't have to lie to them either.
I think a beret would look fine on you, 7.

Seven said...

Electronification sounds a bit too much like execution for my liking....it is also a really long word....p)

You may have convinced me. A fedora and sunglasses. Maybe so.

I'm a very happy and jolly drunk so its safe. Also I get sleepy if intoxicated so you can just go through my pockets after I fall asleep.

I think I would like Stacy.

Mr. Leonard,
A used Yugo?

Yea, I hear you, it has a sort of pitiful look to it doesn't it?

I actually welcome muggers. Really. They get their asses kicked pronto. And 95% of the time I'm armed (old police habits die hard)

Silver Lovely,
You are making me sooo jealous. Can I come visit?

A beret? Dang and I was all set on a fedora. Maybe both?

~Deb said...

Well, it's fun to just let em' think whatever they want! ;)

Lynilu said...

You know you can come visit any time you want. Bring BEG ... I take her to the pink cowboy hat place!!

Pat said...

I don't carry cash, thanks to my debit card. If I carry cash, I spend cash and can't account for all of it.

My hairdresser and my chiropractor are the only places I do business that don't take the debit card.

On occasion, if we're going to a trade/craft show, we'll take cash, but usually very little.

We have a gallon wine jug that we collect only state quarters in (or any other oddball coin like silver/gold dollars, etc.).

Back in the day, we used to put all of our change in one of those 20 gallon glass water bottles. When we left one duty station for the next, we'd cash it all in. Rare was the occasion that there was less than $500 in it. Amazing how quickly it can add up, eh?

If you want to have some fun and still feel like you're living in that little world, use your debit card and stuff your debit card receipts in that 5 gallon bucket. But don't smoke near it....