Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Nuts and Neurotics Holiday"

Last night a couples friend came to our house for dinner and a movie. We watched 'The Good Shepherd' which I recommend, especially if viewed in my high quality home theater. I can even pump in the smell of popcorn if you like that sort of thing. The best thing about a home theater is you can pause a movie so someone can go pee or if they have a question, and God knows you women are full of questions. Last night I was given an official pause signal by BEG. What happened after that is my wife asking the other wife, "Don't you just love that dress she's wearing"? Please, that should not be an official pause. I will have to develop a penalty for such pause transgressions.
Speaking of being anal......
The male part of the visiting couple is a psychologist that conducts group sessions with folks that have extra problems with, well, whatever they are having trouble with. He calls them his merry band of nuts and neurotics, which doesn't seem very nice, but after all he is the doc. During dinner I asked him if the two of them had a nice Fourth of July. Yes, I am capable of inane and plodding conversation. He answered that nuts and neurotics don't recognize any holidays. Once you are officially a nut and neurotic there are no days off. This was his way of saying he was on call and got called.
This led to a sleepless night for me. I stayed up worrying about nuts and neurotics and the fact that there is no time off for holidays. It doesn't seem right to me. Since today is officially my day, being the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year, I decree all July 7th days henceforth to be an official "Nuts and Neurotics Holiday."
There you are, take the day off. You deserve it. If you need me I'll be in the pool all day. McCain and I have a lot of resting up to do.


Lynilu said...

Yeah, probably not real nice, but trust me on this ... if mental health professionals didn't manage to joke about it somehow, they'd all join the band of merry nuts and neurotics.

I hope you and John are refreshed!

patti_cake said...

I call foul - BEG was perfectly within reason to call a pause on an awesome piece of clothing or shoes.
Hmmmm nuts and neurotics... could be worse I suppose! I thought of you on 7/7/07!!!

Seven said...

Silver Lovely,
He looked very tired that night. He really should know better than to come to my house if he wants time off.
OK we are beginning to create a situation where I will need a theater for girls and a theater for boys!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I shall return to comment on this.

Bella said...

I thought of you too on 7/7/07 .. however I was on a much needed, and anticipated road trip.

I'm with patti_cake, would you rather BEG just blurted that out DURING the movie?

Enemy of the Republic said...

What do you have against Mr. McCain or do you? I was his supporter--yeah, I know you got me pegged for a leftie, but I look for quality. I respect John McCain's service immensely; I read his books, and I'm amazed at his bravery and endurance during his imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton. He also spoke well; I love Straight Talk, and he is the only candidate I have actally given money to--no Dem has gotten a dime from me. I feel like the Iraqi War has been his downfall; I understand why he wants us there, even though I don't agree. But with him, it goes deeper. Like so many Vietnam Vets, the war just smarts and for McCain, much of the Iraqi War is making sure it is not another Vietnam. I firmly believe that if Bush had dumped Rummy early on and put McCain in as Secretary of Defense, we would be looking at a whole different war. McCain does not like Bush, but he has been loyal since he's been in office. It would have been a deserving concession.

Seven said...

Ever thoughtful Susan,
You notice I lumped myself in with John? Straight talk is a strength/weakness of mine. Take your pick as to whether it is strength or neurosis. When you attempt to defuse the complications of life by looking at our choices in a no-bullshit way as McCain does, and as I fancy that I do, you can quickly be branded as a neurotic or nut, all because you refuse to conceded to bandwagon/socially popular mentalities.
Bandwagon jumping is an insult (more often that not)to intelligent discourse and more importantly, intelligent choices.
I quite like McCain actually. I include him in my neurotics club of 2 out of respect and admiration.
I fear he has grown long in years and sadly in exposure, ruining his opportunities for contribution.
He is the essence of everything in a veteran that Kerry is not and will never be.
I write about John's penchant for truth with affection, and a bit of tongue in cheek jabbing at our sad state of political cartoon characters.
Metro-sexuals like John Edwards and John Kerry are mere impotent empty shells compared to McCain. Nothing would please more than to hang out with John McCain and talk no-bullshit real talk, like how it feels to hate a captor but cooperate for your own survival. That's real.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I am in agreement. John McCain, whether he makes it or not, will always be an American I respect and I would love to drink a beer or 12 with him. Actually, no one running is equal to him in character, despite our ideological differences. I would vote for him over any of the Democrats. I think when it is time to pull out of Iraq, he would come up with a foolproof plan that would help the Iraqis and stop more death. I don't see it from any of the others.