Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spiral Notebooks

BEG and I leave tomorrow morning for Italy. We will be on the Adriatic Coast in the tourist beach cities of Rimini. The track meet is in Riccione. I will be staying in an apartment with other Team USA members and I'm told that its very nice and spacious, yet has no landline telephone. The reason? Apparently Europeans take their holidays very seriously. The coastal towns we are in are a major beach/vacation destination for holiday making Europeans. A telephone is considered a bad thing! I'm also told it is a young, tanned and fashion savvy beach and night crowd. Figure I'll fit right in......
Obviously there is no internet connection. The wifi's are in the hotels down the road, so I am going sans laptop. I will be keeping notes and thoughts the old fashioned way, in my spiral notebook. I will try to re-create the days when I return. Until then, stay safe and cheer for Team USA!
Yo Frien, Seven

This is Rimini on the Adriatic Sea


Lynilu said...

Fly with the gods!

Fish said...

You will fit right in!

Straighten up and fly straight young man.

patti_cake said...

Hey Seven! Bon Voyage and may you have a wonderful time in italia!