Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Innocence and Experience

Purple seagrass waves in the breeze
Summer announces
Am I seasoned, or am I young again?
Memories cross paths and the boy engages the man

Dreams of youth and the realities of the present
They seem strangers; the familiarity goes unexplained
The scent of cut grass and the memories of baseball
Phones ringing; insistence on experience

Innocence or experience
Collisions inside my mind
A girl in a short skirt
A stirring of memory

An unexpected glimpse of today in the mirror
A young girl laughs; her conversation amuses the elder
It excites the younger

Purple seagrass waves in the breeze
A tear decorates the man’s cheek

Memories cross paths
The boy engages the man
Familiarities go unexplained

They are staring at one another
Perplexed by the other image
Purple seagrass waves in the breeze

Hello, my soul


~Deb said...

Wow, this was beautiful, complex and just "nostalgic" -- if that's the right term I'm trying to throw out here.

Loved this!

DaBich said...

Oh! Simply...fantastic.

Seven said...

Your reading is correct, and I am so appreciative of your ability to find that feeling in the tangle of tumbling words. Thanks for being here!

You should know that everyone coming here gets nicknamed in due time. Or, maybe you already have a nick? Any case, thanks for being here and thanks for the nice comment.

~Deb said...

You're welcome. I felt as though it gave me a set of my own memories---if that makes any sense whatsoever. I totally felt this.

So, thank you!

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is lovely, Seven. It makes me think of our souls as eternal entities while our bodies and minds go through the life journey. And it repeats itself again and again. That's how it is.

Seven said...

Yes, it is a wandering around in that very concept of the ageless soul. I'm so surprised my personal wanderings with words are so well understood by those standing outside my experience and only reading the words. My blog friends are quite intelligent!
But we all knew that bout u...:-)

kathi said...

It's written in such a generic way (and I know that sounds bad but it's no way how I meant it) that it could have been written by everyone who reads it. We all have those memories. Well, the only girl I remember in a short skirt is myself so maybe I could exchange that memory for a boy in a pair of cutoffs (do kids still cut jeans off for shorts?), and in my case the girl engages the woman, but regardless... It's written in a way that it's personal to all of us, which is a great talent you have. ONE of your great talents. :)

Seven said...

Kid Bratcher,
You are sweet and sensitive. Glad you're here sharing.

kathi said...

Lol, spoken like someone who has never met me. :)

Seven said...

Well then maybe some day I shall, you are not that far away, and I have honed police skills.

DaBich said...

Seven, dahling, I have a great (mis)nomer for a nickname. if'n you want to change it, it's all good. I followed Kid Bratcher here, and I have to say, she's onto something ;)

Seven said...

Duh B,
The Kid is my buddy, that's for sure and I'm afraid I can't top your nick. Anything else would be a poor substitute. (see above)
Not that I personally know this quality exists in you....but its terrific and fun word play.
I'm waving my arms only from beneath a giant tub of work...but maybe I can write something useless soon.
Later Gator.