Thursday, October 26, 2006

Seven Leaves of Autumn

If I could catch the now I would place it in a jar,
I would watch it and come to know it;
I would cling tightly to the hope of understanding what I see.

When I open the window of the car on an October morning,
I feel the cool breeze and smell the clean air.
I hear the children play on the school playground,
Their laughter resonates against, and then mixes with the fall breeze.
I feel the now; and then it is gone again.

My mind ricochets around the past, and then bounds toward the future.
The present is left to wait.
The children play but I no longer hear.
I wait in expectation for the future; I wish yesterday had not disappeared without warning.
If I could catch the now I would place it in a jar,
I would screw the lid down tight.

To see the world as it wants to be.
To know now is enough.
To understand today’s now becomes tomorrow’s memory in a blink.
To know that tomorrow is not yet earned.

To feel the tear on the cheek as though it were the first one ever.
To hear the birds sing as if it was all new.
To smell the autumn; the smell of a fireplace burning as it moves across the evening air.
To feel the leaves under my feet, and the rain on my head.

To see a friend’s smile and comprehend it as a golden gift.
To feel as if I were dreaming with my eyes open wide.
To see the world as it wishes to be for me.
To know now is enough.
If I could catch the now I would place it in a jar,
I would give it to you; and laugh when you laugh.

If I could catch the now I would place it in a jar,
I would try with all that is inside me to embrace it.
And if I did hold it long enough,
I would give you seven leaves of autumn, of different colors each.
I would do it right now,
And smile when you smile.

If I could catch the now.


Leesa said...

Wow..that's nice :)
Love the photo too.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Well, aren't you something? I was wondering where you were, but we all need breaks from blogging--mine is coming up after this last post. This is a beautiful poem. You are beginning to reveal a wonderful side of yourself. It's always a pleasure to come here. I know one can't always say the same about my page!

Rick said...

Welcome back. This is about your braces, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You're back! And with such a beautiful poem. I can't help remembering Jim Croce singing, "Time In A Bottle." Tender words, seven. I'm really drawn into it.

a fish on a bycicle said...

What a wonderful thought to be able, when you're miserable, to open a bottle of children's laughter or the smell of freshly cut spring grass and take a deep breath.

Cheers fella, carpe diem!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

THERE you are! :)

That was a beautiful read, Seven. :)

Seven said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting. You know how I love your photos, so I like your kid comment on the photo. It is a Photoshop creation of course, but one of the photos I used was taken by me.

Thanks for coming by EOTR. I think your page is very valuable and I try to encourage others to read you. Yes, you can be dark sometimes, but not every room in our houses is filled with light, eh? Not mine anyway. Finding the light is a constant task and I know how hard you work for it.

Leonard Leonard,
I don't think so, but my mouth is so danged sore it might have created some type of anti-focus.

I never left. My schedule has been busy. This is a time of year when track athletes are doing a great volume of running and weightlifting work. Adding the imposition of mouth orthodontics onto a very tired body, amid tons of 'earn a living work' pushed me down a bit. Thats all...and I'm thrilled you still come here.

If only 'the now' were like beer...I'd have a beer belly...hehe

Queen of Nuts,
Thanks. I know from all your frolicking posts how much you love more erotic type I'll work in more heat for ya next time...and you know I can!

Jenn said...

Sigh. That's an awesome bit of writing. Though - I'm not so interested in catching the now at this point in my life. that I've typed that...there are certainly parts of now I'd like to bottle.

Seven said...

I should say that there have been parts of my now I would rather not keep also. Reading over at your place tells me better things are on the way for you. It's just something I can feel. Then your nows will be worth putting in a jar. And little one will definitely keep you in the

Ilias- said...

Welcome back. Missed you in blogland.. your posts have become something I look forward to in my life. Glad to read them again. I would give you the now if I could, Seven. Actually, why not? Hey, wanna trade nows?