Sunday, October 15, 2006

Waiting for Tomorrow

I’m always waiting.

I’m not sure what it is that I am waiting for.

Staring at the clock. It’s 2pm and I wonder if 3pm will be different.

Watching the rain and waiting for the sun.

Watching the sun and waiting for the rain.


Wishing for the things upon which I wait.

Waiting for the thing upon which I wish.

Waiting to see who loves me at the end.

Wishing that my wait for the end is not near.


What is around my corners?

What is contained in the day known as tomorrow?

Waiting to find out.

Waiting for the night, then the darkness causes me to await the light.

Waiting. I’m always waiting.

When will now be enough?

The fatigue of waiting makes me want change.

Waiting on the change from waiting all the time.

When will now be enough?


Anonymous said...

I'm finding myself doing less waiting these days. Oh, there is the pesky real estate thing, but otherwise, I'm enjoying one day at a time without much expectation to serve as instigation for waiting. I wish I could answer your question, but perhaps that answer is tomorrow, and I'm just now. Maybe when tomorrow comes, I'll find it. I'll let you know.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I do not wait very well.

But I try to keep in mind that I just never know what tomorrow will bring! ;)

Stace said...

DAMN this is a good post.

Mighty glad I stopped by

'When will now be enough?'
I think it's the reason why we all keep going.

Hello from Stace.

patti_cake said...

Me too. I'm always waiting for the week-end, waiting until the next week-end to go to Charleston. Waiting for Madison's birthday. Waiting for Hallween. Waiting to go to Milwaukee in December.
Now should be enough but somehow we don't look at it as so.

Rick said...

Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, today is the gift.

Reach said...

Please do not tell me you just sat down and wrote this- it was great! Your style, thoughts and words- very poetic and reading enlightned.

I have always loved the moment. The emotions and visions are always seperate from those of the past. Therefore, while I do not wait, I look forward to the future and the opportunities that it will bring. Much like that 'Waves' post in my past; we must treasure each moment individually.

On the flip side, if you are always waiting- Your never late!


Jenn said...

Hang out with a toddler for a while. It totally breaks the 'waiting pattern'. So much to do and enjoy in every moment.

Take now for instance...she's got her 'scary witch' fingers on and she's trying to work on her toy laptop. These witch fingers extend her fingers by about an inch or so and have really long fingernails. HILARIOUS!!

Another 'philosophy' that I try to employ is this one...specific to driving but easily enough translated to other situations. When I'm stuck in traffic - rather than focus on where I'm trying to get - I tell myself I'm just driving in my car. And then, I'm doing exactly what I should be doing...driving in my car.

Might sound silly - but it actually helps. Me anyway...

Seven said...

The answer might come tomorrow! Are u being a smart A? If you are its pretty clever of u.

Queen of Nuts,
Maybe waiting on that movie dude u are always talkin bout?

Great to have you here. Come back anytime!

I read you loud and clear.. Why can't we just take today as enough?

Yea, I know and still I always start working with the future. I'm not too bad about the past...but the future I think about.

I guess my writing process is a lot like bull riding. This post took less than 5 minutes of writing time, a little like riding a bull for 8 seconds, but thinking on the theory of waiting instead of accepting right now....well who can measure how long that process takes? I guees a cowboy can speculate about riding bulls a good while, but sooner or later he has to climb onboard.

I hear you. I have written several times about the joy and innocence of children and how they exemplify traits from which we can all learn...or re-learn perhaps?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I feel that way a lot and it bothers me, because I really want to learn to live purely in the moment, but it always seems I'm waiting to get paid, waiting to get stronger emotionally to tackle on some issue, waiting to complete a ton of work so that I can do my own writing...I understand the frustration. I am not very into contemporary country: I like the old stuff (Hank Williams, Patsy Cline) or the alt stuff ( Handsome Family, Jim White) but do you know that song (I know you do) "Live Like You Were Dying." I just love that song because he wrote it after his daddy passed and I understood how he felt, because it reminded me of my own emotional state after losing my mother. I bet that song got overplayed a bit where you live, but try listening to it again. Cheap advice from one who is still learning!

Angie said...

I hear you loud and clear but sometimes waiting and wishing are good things...they can give us hope for the future, something to look forward to and even motivate change. Everything in moderation, my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been known to be a smart A. Sometimes, I'm just whimsical. And, as hard as this might be to swallow, on occasion I'm just a bore. And I've been called weird, in a loving way, of course! So you pick it!

a fish on a bycicle said...

whoever said "it's better to travel in hope..." was a bloody fool?

Ilias- said...

It seems to me that you've said it all here. A good encapsulating read, thank you.

Anonymous said...

it is not what is around the corner.. it is now. it is then. it is always.

the journey is the thing.