Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost in Complexity

I made my way through a dark day
Blaming what I feel on the forces that tug with determination
Against my smile and a more gentle way

Your smile and your tenacity
Those two things
They finally won the day

Wandering, lost in complexity, I guess it’s just my way
And then at the end of the day I find your simplicity of reason
Your way to make me need to stay
Unfolding for my senses, yet another season
Of magnificent simple reason

The season of reason I will call it for now
The smile that crosses that freckled face
And opens the door to my own smile somehow
The beginning is close at hand, I think we can tie the lace.

And smile again
In an embrace like hand in glove
Smiling into that lovely freckled face
A face of love

The beginning has come round again
We can tie the lace
And smile again
Face to face


Lynilu said...

Very nice, very gentle and tender. I like your poetic side, Seven.

Lynilu said...

I meant to ask ... is that BEG? Cutie, whoever it is!!

Seven said...

It is my interpretation (perhaps illusionary example) of BEG as a young girl.
Yes the words are for BEG, but I pictured a young girl to echo the innocence of straightforward reason.

Reach said...

I was thinking BEG as well. Your words continue to captivate with delight, and this photo offers the premiere illustration.

Thank you


Monogram Queen said...

Another one who thought it was BEG! Great poem Seven!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

very sweet. Something about freckles are so cute and sweet and endearing. I think my daughter is getting a few across her nose and I feel like I am looking at myself sometimes, now. (cause I've got freckles)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

What I wouldn't give...

But even if this kind of love is not reflected in me (or about me)- I feel it for my kids.

-the Dork :)
LOL! who thinks of you in an equally affectionate way ;)

Enemy of the Republic said...

You are a poet! Dude! What can't you do????

Seven said...

Sing. Can't do it except in a laughable way. The dancing isn't pretty either...:(