Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smooth Nuts

I have a love/hate relationship with the advertising industry. The hate part because I dislike being pandered to with insanely sloppy repetition of insulting themes. For example: Mens attraction to womens breasts. I mean please, are we all still 13 years old?

The love part because I really enjoy the remarkable creativity and humor of the industry when it gets the creative part right and doesn't take the easy road of pandering. Another love part comes because my son works for a very large worldwide agency. His branch of the firm focuses on the Internet. Recently my son sent me an ad his company was responsible for that has sold a ton of Phillips electric razors. Here is the link to the Phillips Body Groomer ad

OK, I guess the ad is a little silly and maybe even pandering, but it is creative and fun.

Then today..........I hear a Norelco ad that was completely insulting of the 'I hate it variety'! The voice-over talks about having to get a close quick shave at the office before he heads for a 'hot' date with his wife. Huh? A hot date with your wife? Like you're not gonna get some from your wife if you have a small stubble? I'm pretty damned romantic..but a 'hot date' with my wife?? What is the deal with the phrase 'hot-date' anyway? Do any of us intentionally select cold or lukewarm partners for dates? So when we happen to choose a hot one to date is this what creates a 'hot date' instead of going out with the lukewarm girl? I think you don't know if it is a 'hot date' until its over?
Come on Norelco. I don't want to hear about hot dates with my wife. I want to know how to shave my nuts like in the good ad.


OK, I guess am still 13 years old. Wanna make something of it?


Reach said...

I always thought you "Runners" operated at speeds that physics would take care of, well the short comings of Norelco razors. - My perceptions have just been blown out of the water!

Back in the day (Jeez, does that make me sound old) when I was married, my wife and I would pre-arrange a meeting location, usually a bar. She would play single, as would I, and we would 'role play' a Pick Up. Actually, it was quite fun. Especially when others were not clued in and try to win her over. Anyway, and needless to say- it was "Hot" (I hate that word), so I am going to use "Steamy" in its stead.

Be Safe,


Reach said...

PS When you have a chance- check out "Of Inspiration" one and two.

Later days.....

patti_cake said...

Well it made me laugh!

Lynilu said...

Now, Seven, I know several (unfortunate and unimaginative) people who are in relationships that are, at best, luke warm. They stay because it is easier than working on a relationship of greater quality (or whatever description you want to assign it). Not saying I think it is the way to go, but honestly, not everyone picks a person who is exciting and inspiring. And I know one who picked a mate on the same philosophy as that old calypso song that says, "never make a beautiful woman your life," because he didn't want to have to worry about keeping her, staying in shape himself, etc. Nuts (LOL), I know! So, unfortunately,the answer to your question is ... yeah, some do pick with strange criteria.

As to the rest of it ... sighhh. I don't know if I can enjoy smOOth peanut butter again. thanks.


Jenn said...

Hot dates, smooth nuts...I gotta get out more. Or at all.

Hot, cold, luke-warm....I'm not long as he isn't CRAZY!!

:-) good to read ya.

~Deb said... from a lesbian's point of view, I can just imagine how ~^irritating~^~ that "hot date" would be for your wife, if you did come home with a little stubble in the wrong places. Get me? ;)

Did this ad actually make it to a commercial on TV??????????? Censored big time, huh? haha! The comments on the youtube part of it was priceless from the ladies!

Hope you're doing great! Have a ~smooth~ weekend my friend!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Lord, now I've seen it all.

kathi said...

Where could they possibly air this commercial, not here, no? Oh yeah, it had my boys and I laughing, too funny. But, seriously, would it ever be aired?