Friday, June 15, 2007

Adidas Kim Collins- Impossible Is Nothing

In the video above Kim Collins is the lead voice and athlete in the Adidas commercial. The commercial is a series developed by Adidas to express the timeless thought that there is really nothing impossible.
I had the good fortune to meet Kim Collins during one of my workouts last week. For those of you not knowledgeable about track and field (probably 98% of you) Kim was the 2003 World Champion at 100 meters, and holds other remarkable credentials beyond that race. He is a native of St Kitts & Nevis.
I was working on starts and his coach introduced him to me. He told me he had seen me sprint in a recent local meet. He made suggestions on my starts and then he mentioned something to me that two of you readers have also mentioned. He asked if I knew of ‘The Secret.’ I found that interesting and now since my blog friends, and Kim have pointed me in that direction I will go and have a look.
I want to write about another subject today however and it involves Kim also. His coach Monte Stratton, in an interview after Kim won the World Championship said, "In a world of wildebeests, he is a gazelle, who runs without noise, without friction, almost without disturbing the air around him."
I watched Kim run from the blocks the same night I was there, still under the watchful eye of Stratton and was indeed impressed by the remarkable ease with which he attained eye-opening speeds. I think in a world of wildebeests I wish to be a gazelle as well. Maybe not in track where I am simply what I am, but can we translate that remarkable quote by Mr. Stratton into a life lesson?
Did you ever feel as if you were trying so hard at some task or goal that it impeded your efforts? The ancient Taoists teach somewhat along the lines of letting the flow of life envelop you, a way of ‘going with the flow’ to quote popular vernacular.
The ad says “Impossible is Nothing”. Our typical understanding of impossible challenges is to work with all our might and to induce the strain of our mighty will against the challenge deemed impossible. Translated, our hard work will bring us to the impossible.

I have found two concepts vital to my progress as a track athlete.
One, I must be totally prepared physically. I have to run the enormous workouts my coach deals out and spend ample time in the weight room. I must be physically prepared to achieve what I hope to achieve.
Two, When in the midst of a race I must sprint in a totally relaxed manner. I know that sounds contradictory. I don’t have the space here to explain it (nor you the patience to read it) but it is necessary to sprint in a relaxed manner to achieve high speed. To do this successfully refer to concept Number 1 one above.

I think there is some element of universal application in this small bit of track wisdom. Namely we must always prepare properly for our dreams, but also know we must let the consequences of our work happen without disrupting the natural flow around us. I want to do it that way I think. I want to be a gazelle among the wildebeests, running through life without noise, without friction, almost without disturbing the air around me. Isn’t that a fine vision?

Hold on...wait a minute....I think I just recommended going through life without breaking wind? I guess that's a good idea too.


patti_cake said...

Yes Seven a VERY good idea! You impress me, my friend.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm relieved to see you here. I clicked on a link and got a bizarre page.

The video is impressive. As are you as Patti says!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Is real life taking its toll?