Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Don't Believe You

This post is like huntin with Cheney. I’ve got no idea where I’m aiming, but I might hit something if I just fire a round off.

My knee hurts. It doesn’t hurt like arthritis or any of that old guy stuff. It hurts because I have been banging the victim knee on hurdles. Fair enough, go ahead and wonder why a 56 year old man is jumping hurdles. Frustration awaits you if you seek an actual answer because the man doesn’t actually have a reason except that he thinks its fun to see if he can do it better than other 56 year old men. I never claimed to be motivated in enlightened ways. I lay claim only to being motivated, which of course was also true of Timothy McVea, so any association with the good implied by that statement is suspect from the time the light turned green at the front of the sentence.

Back to my knee. In the interest of going over the hurdles with optimum efficiency I am required to forcefully jerk my right knee over the top of the hurdle during the step over. Well, not required, but it helps if you want to win. Refer to the previous sentences regarding improperly placed motivations if you feel confused at this point. Several times in the course of a workout I manage to bring the right knee into serious impact with the hurdle. It hurts. The seventh time you do it in the same week hurts more than the first time. Here is what I said on the seventh impact. #(*^@$*@$*@&@*!!!!!.

So, being a fellow of diligence and serious motivation, however improperly placed or maniacal that said motivation might be when analyzed by a kind hearted counselor, and damn those guys cost a lot, I went to look for advice from a second expert. I found one only 75 yards away. A world famous track and field coach, that I call a friend, was working on the other end of the track with two Bejing bound athletes.

Understand that my coach friend is famous for his wit, wisdom and plain spoken passages about track and life. He is in his early 60’s, so plain speak is his earned province much like your old cantankerous uncle, whatever his name is in your case. I presented my hurt knee problem. Coach’s solution was quick and effective. He said “If I was you I would quit running hurdles. Crashing into them is what is making your knee hurt.”

Okeee Dokeee, thanks Coach. I wish McVea had asked for help too.

Last year this same friend told me something I have not forgotten and I want to talk to you about what he said. This is a man who has worked with literally thousands of college age athletes, many running at a world class level years after they leave his program. He has seen and accomplished a great deal in his profession and is widely known for his successes. Here is the wisdom Mr. Track Coach laid on me.

“People will always show you exactly who they are. The hardest thing is learning to accept that what they show us is the truth.”

I reflect on the relationships I have known of where abuse was present. The abused often stays around, refusing to believe what they have been shown. I had to make a decision in the past 2 weeks about a personal relationship based on a pattern of behavior that I had witnessed so many times before that it became crystal clear that this individual was showing me once again exactly who they are, and this persons behavior keeps repeating itself like a barroom parrot in a Jamaican bar.

Do you think this saying by my coach friend is accurate? Is it really possible that people always show us exactly who they are, but the hardest piece of the puzzle is fully accepting what we have been shown?

Speaking of showing us what you got, I’m going to Las Vegas for a wedding this weekend. BEG is going too so I have to figure a way to get her into one of the showgirl shows, you know the kind where 120 topless girls balance big feather things on their heads, which the women in the audience comment on, while the men wonder what feather head thing?

So while I’m gone, just talk amongst yourselves here if you want. Or come on out to Vegas. I’ll be at the MGM Grand showing Vegas exactly who I am. Ask for Seven Alevin, but don't be surprised if they think you want a Slurpee. Everybody’s welcome, but I don’t think you can go to the wedding.


kathi said...

I think people can hide who they are for awhile, not forever, but definitely for awhile. Our mistake is making quick judgements about people we've just met, believing they are who they appear to be. Jerks are often jerks from the first handshake, but not always. So, the question is, once they've shown their true colors do we accept that or wait until the umpteenth time to make sure it's not that they've just had a couple dozen bad days. This is where women marry prince charming and after the honeymoon the bruises start appearing.

There are a lot of reasons to give people a second chance...and there are reasons not to.

I love the 'coach', he's my kind of guy. Is he married? I can do older. :)

Have fun in Vegas, and they have male shows for the women there, ya know. If your topless women shows are so important to you, go...let BEG enjoy herself at a good Chipendale show...if they're that important to you. ;)

Lynilu said...
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Lynilu said...

Every time I let my fingers think for me, they misspell something or other!! One mo' time....


Coach is right. If it hurts, quit doing it!! We humans tend to be slow learners in some areas, and interpersonal is at the top of the list. We yahbut ourselves into insanity. Yahbut I love him/her. Yahbut we've been friends for three centuries. Yahbut if I don't do/finish/succeed at this, I'll be a failure. Yahbut tomorrow it/I/(s)he/whatever will be different.

We also have trouble with the concept of change, so we feel if we leave a person behind, we have a gaping hole where they were. We forget that we "grow" relationships, either new ones to fill the space or another existing one expands.

One reason I say I'll probably never marry again or be in a "forever" relationship is that I've learned that I don't learn easily. I'm happy being me, and my knee doesn't hurt. :D

Another reason is I give advice better than I listen to my own words. I'm better at it these days, but I still struggle too much about when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Have fun dahlin'!! Revel enough for me, too!!

Reach said...


One of my favorite sayings runs something like the following:
"If today is the lesson, then no worries for tomorrow will be the start."

One thing I take from that saying is simply stated- Each time we deal with another person is part of the lesson. We learn just how much we can, or should, depend on another; however, I like to think everybody offers a contribution to this whole experience of life. Good or bad, these are the ways of learning; kinda like jumping hurtles or playing the Slot Machines, at what point is enough, enough?

I have many friends residing in Vegas, what a great City with many attractions. Speaking of attractions-

I understand YOUR motivation in "feathers, BEG, Showgirl", yet, I wonder BEG's motivation. As I read Kathi's comment, I kept expecting a suggestion of YOU and Chippendales, much like BEG and Feathers. This thought reminded me- Did you know, Chippendales is short one dancer!

The number Seven Position, I think.

Be Safe and have a prosperous weekend,


Seven said...

A friend of mine that works in the family counseling biz tells all his clients that it takes a minimum of 2 years of constant contact before you can actually know another person. Lots of folks get married way in front of that time period and the they come back to see Scott later, saying "I didn't know this about them".

I would have trouble too if I was trying to spell yahbut. But, I know exactly what you are saying. We have all said "yahbut'...and I think this is what Coach is getting at. When we finally believe what we have been shown......

I like it when women laugh at me, but laughing at me in a Chippendale outfit would be more humiliating than gratifying. I think your analysis is dead center target.
Sure you can't come to Vegas this weekend?

Anonymous said...

7, you've got the speed, why not wait til the hurdles are a little lower at M60? or slow down and stretch a little higher? Don't work on all ten hurdles, so you only bang your knee two or three times.

Seven said...

I KNOW you know about this knee thing. Everyone has been asking me why a guy with alleged world class speed is doing this. The answer is I want to take a shot at Mueller's World Record at 300IH in Sacramento in 2011 when I turn 60. See?- You nailed it. It's 42.31 which is a salty dog, but precisely why I am intrigued by it.
I have several workouts from Courtland since we are friends and also several things from Bill. The banging is occurring when I am working on race day speed across 3 hurdles and I am concentrating on the aggression of pulling the trail leg through.
Crapola! that hurts after several times of hitting the same spot over and over....and I KNOW you KNOW!
I welcome your suggestion cause I'm too stubborn to follow Coach Stratton's advice. Plus I also refuse to discount the hurdle height, I'm using the 33 for 400IH cuz thats what I have to do in Spokane

Reach said...

I wish I could, however I have previously promised my assistance at one of the Vineyards. Additionally, I'm scheduled a concert here in my community. I understand, and the opportunity will be available and welcomed- Thanks buddy.

Take down some tables or machines and one hand for me....

Be Safe,


~Deb said...

I'm a firm believer of the saying, "If you can't handle my worst, then you don't deserve my best", however, I also believe that it depends on how badly the person is behaving.