Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Million Pounds?

All day I have been working away at my job, but I have also had the cable news programs on in the background. Today President Bush upped the ante on the elections by pressing Congress to revoke the long standing legislation prohibiting off-shore drilling.
One startling overnight poll showed that Americans have shifted to being nearly 80% in favor of off-shore drilling, the percentages turning almost 180 degrees from where they have been in recent years.
For some reason that reminded me of the best joke ever written about prostitution. The joke is credited to Bernard Shaw.
He was at a party once and told a woman that everyone would agree to do anything for money, if the price was high enough.
"Surely not, she said."
"Oh yes," he said.
"Well, I wouldn't," she said.
"Oh yes you would. For instance, would you sleep with me for... for a million pounds?"
"Well," she said, "maybe for a million I would, yes."
"Would you do it for ten shillings?" he asked.
"Certainly not!" said the woman "What do you take me for? A prostitute?"
"We've established that already," said Bernard Shaw. "We're just trying to fix your price now!"

Sooooo....... I see the flip-over price is $4 per gallon.

Now I Get It...........maybe.


Lynilu said...

I own the mineral rights on the farm in the Panhandle of Oklahoma which was my parents' from back in days of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War II. My parents made a few thousand, very few, a couple decades ago when a gas well produced a small amount for about a year. I haven't thought much about those mineral rights for a while, but I think I should have the records updated with my current name and address.

I guess we all have a price, don't we?

Seven said...

Good move. There are newer horizontal drilling techniques for capturing higher zones of gas not previously tapped. The technique re-opens to play previously explored and worked areas like yours.

Lynilu said...

That's encouraging!

Deb said...

Weren't they trying to drill in Alaska, but they were denied? Is that still an option they're working on? Wasn't sure on that.

4 per gallon? Try 5 over here.


And I have a huge SUV. I'm taking my unicycle this morning.

Seven said...

Deb on a unicycle? Really? That sounds cute!
I get to go to Western Europe on occasion to compete in track meets and I am always impressed that they consider walking and bicycling normal activities. Go figure, using bicycles and walking are OK! I have never seen a unicycle in Europe, but I might be going to the wrong places. Or maybe you are a trend setter!

kathi said...

Even with my new little car, it cost me $48 to fill it up and cost Casey $85 to fill his up. Geeze. But, I'm thankful I have something that runs to fill up.

I've heard the joke before, of course, but it's always good.

Robert Shapiro said...

Can't put one over on you Bub ;-)