Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Show and Tell Wednesday

OK. I think I got the terrorist thing out of my system. So, today is show and tell Wednesday. I understand tomorrow (Thursday) is half-nekkid day in blogdom, but I'm not really a half-way kinda guy, its all or nothing from me, fair warning before you visit tomorrow.
For show and tell Wednesday I have some photos of the place I am nearly every noon of any given day. Below is a section of the track at my alma mater. I have spent lots and lots of energy and speed on the track you are looking at. I'm on the track on M-W-F's at noon, business meetings allowing. (Most of my clients don't even try for a noon meeting)

The photo below shows the stands. In winter base training phase I run up those steps, walk down, run up, walk down, run up...see how it works? It's not a Rhodes Scholar kinda mental challenge really.

The next photo is Olympian and World Champion, Jon Drummond (sweatsuit) showing one of his athletes something that I'm sure is vitally important.

The university coaches give me access to the athlete's weight room. I go there on T-Th. Here's what a portion of the weight room looks like.

And, all of these were taken today (Tuesday). I know some of you are suffering with really cold weather right now. Jenn said in her blog that it is in the single digits in Minneapolis. It makes my brain ache to even think about weather that cold. Today in DFW, Texas it was sunny and 67 degrees. Don't hate.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

No haters here, hon...it'll be 73ยบ here today. I CANNOT WAIT for some warmer weather!!! ;)

Beautiful pics...love that nice blue sky!

And you can bet I'mm be back tomorrow! ;)

Pat said...

Well, hun, if you don't want hate, don't neener neener your temperatures! LOL!

~Deb said...

Great shots! I remember our track in high school was concrete painted in that orange-brown color. Isn't concrete bad for your back?

Anyway, 0 degrees here in NY! Everyone's oil burners are breaking down and there's a HUGE increase in dialing 311 these days!

Oy vey!

Jenn said...

I wish it was single digits. We aren't even above zero.

I don't hate.

Rick said...

Thanks for the advance warning. This'd be a good time for me to turn the other cheek and come back on Friday.

Mayden's Voyage said...

"All or Nothing"...
sounds like a game I played in high school ;)

You inspire me Seven-
I'm looking around at people who are in their 40's and 50's and seeing what's normal/average, and then there's you...

Not that you are abnormal :) No...but a great role model. I'm not surprised the school lets you use their equipment-
You set a wonderful example for the students...and for us in blog world :)

Enjoy the sun- I'm thankful it's in the 50's today! Tomorrow will be a different story :)

I think I'll come back with Rick on Friday :) I blush easy ;)

patti_cake said...

So now we know where you condition your beautiful bod Seven *wink*

I don't hate either ... but i'd either like to be doing some serious snow tubing or lying on a sandy beach somewhere. Unfortuately i'm stuck in windy/cold limbo.

Seven said...

Ya'll are just glad I'm not talking bout terrorists any more!

Royal Queen of the Nuts,
I guess tomorrow is also show and tell in the warm weather?

Sorry...we can have some really horrible weather here, tornadoes, etc...if that helps..:)

OMG Zero degrees!! God must be very angry with NY.

Come on down and bring little one and the bunny jammies...it's sterling here right now.

Don't worry, I haven't gone THAT crazy...

Love ya, and yes my friends have all pronounced me abnormal so you are too late....don't worry bout tomorrow, once you've seen me naked ....errrr,... you won't forget it?

Seven said...

Limbo, South Carolina and no planes getting out? Bummmer girl..

Teri said...

Dear Seven...wow, all or nothing? You either show all or leave nothing on? Did I get that right. ;)

Seriously, great site. Thanks also for stopping by my place.

Ciao for now...

Enemy of the Republic said...

I don't hate, but yesterday it was a high of 7 and today 11 with snow.

I am moving South. Long live Dixieland.

Seven said...

Very gracious of you, especially since I was a tad on a tear the day I visited you. You are a good sport and my new friend. Being a good sport is a survival skill in my circle, but I'm harmless and more often that not even pleasant....

Sweet Enemy,
You just come on down girl. I'll get you and hubby all set up...then after a taste of Texas you will hate it or love it...not much in between.

Denny Shane said...

The campus and sites look vaguely familiar to me for some reason!

Seven said...

The always glamorous Arlington campus of the University of Texas.

Silent One ~D~ said...

Single digits are the norm lately. Well... in 'Merican terms it is 3F in Canuckian terms... -18C
Either way... I would love to feel some heat!

Teri said...

Well now Seven...that's more like it. ;)

Also...if you really want to make up for your remarkably confusing remark, you could visit my sidebar, and then hit the link for another remarkably confusing website and vote for me in the Share the Love Blog Awards. If not...I'll still consider you a friend. But it might have to be all or nothing.I'll let you know. ;)