Monday, November 28, 2005

Signs of our time

I was at the Tom Thumb grocery store yesterday. Recently this store put in its very own Starbucks. I’m telling the truth. It’s inside the grocery store.

In the wisdom that comes with retail marketing Starbucks apparently negotiated four (4) parking places at the front of the store, next to the handicapped spaces. The special Starbucks parking spots have a sign that looks like this:

Speaking of specialty parking spaces, I know you have seen the folks that pull right into handicapped parking spaces, get out and walk right into the store without even a limp.

Well, Starbucks is abused the same way. On my trip there yesterday a dude in a big ford truck drove right into the Starbucks slot next to the door. Into the store he went, grabbed a shopping cart, filled it up, checked out, went to his truck and NEVER went to Starbucks at all.

Now personally I think he is just taking advantage of a silly policy on Tom Thumb’s part, but for the sake of moving along here I would like to know what you would do with this character if you were in charge at Starbucks or Tom Thumb.

I spent some time thinking about this.

Here is what I would do if I were the God of Tom Thumb.

I would hire car thieves. I would have them place the car in another spot at the extreme end of the parking lot. No note, no explanation. Let him believe the little guys in the UFO’s are jacking with him.

What would you do? Use the comment box below to share your management wisdom with the rest of us.

Yes, you may still express your opinion even if you park in those spots.

And if I were indeed the God of Tom Thumb, I would put this sign on the spots next to the door:

The End.

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