Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sad Irony

Let me see if I understand correctly......the Pope reads from a medieval text about someone else saying that Islam teachings can be evil and inhuman....and the Muslim reaction is to gun down innocent nuns and burn Catholic churches?
Oh, I see. That should cetainly prove their point and lovingly illustrate their outrage.
Does anyone else see the sad irony here?


Enemy of the Republic said...

We've been discussing this at work. Number 1: the Pope was refering to a 14th century text in which Christians and Muslims were fighting brutally. But he misquoted or better said, quoted out of context. It certainly did not give the Muslim world anything to celebrate. I personally think the Pope, who is a very smart man, did this deliberately and then planned the apology because he knew the statement would be out there regardless.

We have to be careful with how we approach the Muslim world. They have a right to outrage, but not to commit violence, no more than did the Crusaders did against the Muslims in Jerusalem in the Middle Ages. For some who use religion as a political weapon, it is just one more reason to inflict more damage. I haven't found one religion that isn't guilty of such a practice. Right now we are seeing a reinactment of the Middle Ages in Technicolor. Terrible.

Grant said...

So, the hatemongers are now attacking the holy pedophiles. I hope they all kill each other. The world will be a better place without them.

What's really ironic is that Pope Creepy XVII felt the need to apologize for saying they could be violent after they got violent.

patti_cake said...

Yeah it is, indeed sad irony.
Rates right there with Aussie people killing stingrays because one killed the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. *rolls eyes*

Seven said...

Yes, its sad and bizzarely peculiar logic no matter what time we live in. And trust me, using Grant's phrasing, holy pedophiles involved in coverups of their behavior is no less bizzarely peculiar. Your history point is not lost on me, BTW.

Interesting phrases re: hatemongers and holy pedophiles, which I think supports EOTR's position of there is enough blame to go around on both sides?

Yes, I see this parallel. Good point. Poor stingrays. Actually if Irwin got too close to me I might sting him too!

Pat said...

I just have a hard time understanding why either side thinks they're right in this.

Jesus wouldn't condone violence in his name, nor would he condone condemnation of another human being in his name.

They all just need to siddown and shuddup.

Seven said...

I think this is appropriate advice.

Silent One said...

The world is becoming such a sad place to be....

I dread turning on the news ... for fear of what else is happening...

Reach said...

Wow, so many good comments.
Oh, where to begin?

Why must the Mulim people feel/act like the Moslem people, when in fact they are not?
Why can not these peoples follow the teachings of The Messenger of Allah (the Arabic word for "God"), Al-sadiq Al-amin (Muhammad, or "The Praised One")?
Muhammad taught respect, honor, and love.
Why can not these peoples follow the teachings of Allah's most beloved messenger, The Prophet Isa (Jesus), precursor to Muhammad?
Jesus taught respect, honor, and love.

The sadness comes when the faithful lose track of their truths.

Just a thought,


Reach said...

EOTR, Bapu taught through a non-violent approach. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Gujarati, was a major political and spiritual leader.


Jack Nasty said...

I was down about the state of the world before I read your blog and then I read the comments to your blog. There is name calling and hopes that one group of people kill another group and this all from one little blog.

Jenn said...

I have been struggling with my opinion on this for days! It's all a buncha bullcrap if you want my opinion. Who's right, who's wrong...blah-di-blah-blah.

It's FAITH! It's an intangible. Nobody can prove anything. Perhaps it all started as fact. But at this point..it's all faith. Who has the right to say anything about anything someone else believes. It's a BELIEF.

Now - having said that...anyone who kills someone in the name of the-one-they-worship...like Pat says...needs to siddown and shuddup. That's just wrong.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Reach, Thanks for your insight. I know how non-violent Gandhi was--we wouldn't have seen the emergence of Martin Luther King without him. Both are examples of the good in many faiths. Unfortunately, Gandhi got killed by a radical Hindu who thought he was giving in too much to the Muslims. So I still maintain my point. I read the sacred texts and think one thing, and then I see how the world interprets these readings and I am saddened. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Bellarosa said...

How very sad .. it just proves their ignorance, instead of saying nuh uh ... we are not. And following that with playing Nice!