Monday, November 27, 2006

Confusion De-Scrambler Cap - Part 2

Postscript and response to comments on the "Confusion De-Scrambling Cap" post.
I wish I could say I actually invented this cap. Unfortunately it is just a silly idea free grazing inside my brain.
Reach asked a good question. What question created the post? Well....BEG reads the posts and usually the comments so I will have to be careful. No single question brought it on. It is based on a lifetime (55 years) of observation.
What is funny around here is that BEG will listen to a question from me and I can see her trying to figure out what is 'unsaid' between the lines of the question. When she guesses wrong and gets all discombobulated I always explain there is nothing unsaid, that men always just ask exactly what they want to know. This perplexes her and also other women I have known.
When she asks a question I tend to think the question concerns exactly what she wants to know and I usually answer way too quickly, forgetting the question has serious hidden parts with hazards for those without skills at this level of discourse.
I'm not gender bashing. I guess men could ask questions that are not exactly what we want to know, but I'm thinking we are likely to be so inept at such a thing it might leave us looking like a crocodile trying to fly.
Women might try asking a question where the answer to the question leads to resolution of the question. But...I guess answering a question by correctly guessing at what the actual (unspoken) question really is, is somehow more intellectually stimulating?
So at the end of the day I decided we men needed help.
If only I could get the damn thing to work, I could really make some dough!
On the other hand, some smart-ass transexual would probably pop up and sue me if it didn't work correctly for them.......then of course we have those with an imbalance of chromosones.....and OK.....thats all I want to think about it.
Your stories of gender use of the language, and its attendant confusion are welcome.


Rob said...

Ahh, the old chromosome question pops up again. I had a cap logo idea once that I didn't pursue. It was YXY, or loosly translated to "why ax why". This would tip off the opposite sex (or sexes if they are confused) that the wearer of this cap is incapable of answering the question, or even explaining the answer they just gave. You see, a YYY cap is one worn by females. It's the x chromosome that explains everything, so just show it, be proud of it, exploit it...

Rick said...

My head hurts. Got an aspirin?

Seven said...

Are you asking if I would be willing to give you a hug and a good round of empathy and conversation over tea?
Oh wait, you're a guy! Yes, I have aspirin.

Seven said...

I like this YXY idea! Proceed.

patti_cake said...

I am definitely YYY this is funny!

Jenn said...

You should go see Defending the Caveman if it's ever in your town. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Totally on subject. Oh...and you have to take BEG.

~gkw said...

I'm confussed.... I did see Defending the Caveman!! That was SOOOO GREAT!

I agree you should see it if you ever get a chance!

Reach said...

I did not see Defending the Caveman; however, from what I have read I like Jenn's taste- you should see Defending the Caveman.

OK, this was too funny and I was happy to see you continue, but you killed me with the whole idea of transexual useage....that was over the top funny. Unfortunately, this idea sparked my thinking and I began to wonder if the Confusion De-Scrambler Cap came equiped with a language translator. You know how one sentance can have several meanings in other languages. Man, you have your work cut-out for you...LOL


Anonymous said...

Will it cook and clean too? I'm thinking about a re-scrambler so we can send back mixed up and confusing messages. You know, all for fun.