Thursday, January 19, 2006

Confused in Texas

My wife and I are cable news junkies. About 70% of cable news is political talk and political coverage and I guess that makes us political junkies as well.
I don’t ‘do’ politics in this blog because I consider it too easy and also because of my junkie habit I am often bloated with opinions, which will be readily supported or argued with depending on your pre-determined viewpoint, so what’s the point really.
However, some political junkie language naturally slips into our vocabulary. In the case of a conversation with my wife last night an overworked phrase slipped in. It went like this:

Wife: I can’t believe she is always coming up with these problems. It’s always some damn thing with her. The only problem is Dr. Smith (her boss) can’t ever understand she is causing the problem.

Rick: He’s a pretty smart guy. Why can’t he figure it out?

Wife: She’s a very good politician. She always thinks of a way to conceal that she is causing the problem. It’s like they say about politicians, she creates ‘deniable plausibility’ in everything she stirs up!

Rick: silence (head spinning searching for comprehension)

Wife: What’s the matter, did you forget how to form words again? Did you miss your meds?

Rick: you mean ‘plausible deniability’?

Wife: Yes, its S.T.O.D.

Rick: Huh? What do you mean it’s S.T.O.D?

Wife: You know, “same thing only different.”

Rick: Sweetie I think it’s more different than the same, anyway what the heck can be the same but different?

Wife: Well, it’s like a bag or a sack.

Rick: Huh?

Wife: A bag or a sack does the same thing at the grocery store, but they are different.

Rick: If they do the same thing they are the same.

Wife: No, they’re actually different. A bag is made of paper and a sack is made of plastic.

Rick: But they do the same thing!

Wife: Exactly, now you get it, that’s what I mean! Anyway don’t worry about it cuz those phrases are S.T.O.D.

Now I am sitting here worrying about this in violation of my little buddys orders.

Hmmm....’plausible deniability’ vs ‘deniable plausibility’....different or the same?

I now have a new question for the college entrance SAT exam, I just don’t know the damn answer! According to my wife all of the above (a) and (b) are correct, meaning the answer is (c).

I think there is not a real word such as ‘deniability’. But then I am also pretty sure there is no ‘S.T.O.D’. I regret the SAT leaves no room for an essay answer.

My head hurts........see ya later..........or sooner...........doesn’t matter’s the same thing only different.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Whoa! It is WAY TOO EARLY for me to be using up so many brain cells on that conversation!

Need. More. Caffeine. ;)

Seven said...

Yes I agree...this is what I mean...very confusing this denying things in a plausible way....aka known as creative lying.....

Grant said...

Actually, deniability is a real word, however deniable plausibility is almost the opposite of plausible deniability. PD is a situation in which it is believable that the person was uninformed or not responsible. DP would be a situation wherein you could legitimately doubt the person's excuses.

Just something to remember if she say's you're drinking too much beer or left the toilet lid up.

Seven said...

I have spent my whole life being 'officially uninformed' I kinda get it....maybe