Tuesday, January 17, 2006

God strikes Sharon?

Pat Robertson recently made the public statement that Ariel Sharon deserved the stroke he suffered, adding that it was God’s punishment for Sharon having given away the promised land.

I spent some time thinking through that statement hoping to arrive at some profound “ah-ha’ that would resonate with clarity and intellect.
I haven’t done so thus far, surprising only myself I am confident.

This whole affair had a personal meaning for me since my father was struck by the same illness in his early sixties. It is a physical event to be wished on no man.

Robertson didn’t exactly wish this on Sharon but his public comments made it clear that it was perfectly alright with him. I find no other way to interpret his remarks. He has since apologized for his ‘insensitivity’, but not for what he believes is the truth of his remark.

Does God exact revenge for giving away promised land? I don’t believe this idea holds any water at all. It is intellectual mesh with multiple holes. Of course this is just my opinion, the same as Robertson holds his opinion.

I believe the comment from Robertson is a fear based comment. Those who hold up God as revengeful and capable of striking down his children must surely be operating in fear of the God they worship. I have heard and seen this phrase many times in my life; ‘Fear the Lord’.

I do not fear the Lord. I believe God gives us choice and if we stumble he is there to help us. I believe we become closer to being what God wishes us to become by dismissing fear and thereby creating an atmosphere of inclusion for all men and women. If I am correct, why would we fear the Creator who expects us to live without fear and to live in complete faith in his goodness?

A valuable friend told me once that he considered the previous statements a conundrum. He said we have to fear others simply because the message of God has to be brought to the doorstep of other men and women and these individuals can be dangerous. I told him I considered this to be intellectually myopic since it depends on the thought that God imbued any one individual with the truth while concealing it from others. Are these people from whom the truth is concealed the much talked about ‘infidels’ the modern Islamic terrorists describe?
We remain friends, we just have a different viewpoint on this idea.

If Robertson is correct, does he now need to fear his own cerebral stroke. Possibly it would be God’s revenge for Robertson judging others; a clear violation of God’s recorded law (according to Bible literalists).

Thankfully I believe Robertson is safe from God’s revenge. It appears to me he may not be safe from his own fears.

Robertson said he would pray for Sharon. So now I am to understand he is going to pray to God to aid in Sharon’s recovery after declaring that God is responsible in the beginning?
That is a puzzling question; it is also an authentic conundrum.


Grant said...

Did he actually say he was going to pray for Sharon's recovery, or just pray for him? There's a sizeable difference. Many people have said they would pray for me, but in the context of the conversation I gathered that to mean they would pray that I would suddenly become somebody else.

I wonder how many people are just waiting for something bad to happen to Pat so they can joyfully claim it to be the wrath of god. Besides me, that is.

Seven said...

Well, you have probably had occasions where someone said 'you don't seem to be yourself today'....maybe its just the power of prayer.....

Rob said...

Really enjoy your blog, it's prominent among my favorite places window. Robertson should fear God, and I'm sure he does, even if he has direct communication with Him. Pat has been saying some things lately that a lot of folks smarter than me wished he hadn't. Perhaps Pat is already suffering God's wrath, albeit like a time-released pill. After listening to a few of his broadcasts, it seems to me there are a lot of people smarter than him. Then again, maybe Sharon also has a direct line to God and has been doing His work. I fear God, and like you, believe He is a forgiving and guiding father. I fear Him the most when I do so something that He has told me that I shouldn't do. So, if Pat knows something about where the boundaries are of the Jews' promised land, he may have something to crow about. If he doesn't, then he shouldn't be speaking for God. The mayor of New Orleans should be careful as well.

Seven said...

That's a very thoughtful comment. In fact I failed the judgment test myself simply by writing the post.
I think the media has some culpability here in that they insist on visiting with the same figures over and over for their sensational stories rather than seeking out new voices. And clearly the attack on the religious right is now in 'full court press'.
I am continually amazed at the focus on Jesse Jackson for example!