Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good and Not Good

You know how every family has one or more members that are shall we say 'not so bright'? But we keep them around because they are family after all.
Ours is my cousin Taylor. Taylor phoned me after the last post because he isn't smart enough to figure out the comment thingy. He asked what did I mean by a 'milk cow hiney'. Well Taylor, just for you I have gone to the trouble to create an illustration. See below. If you are still confused do not call me again! Call your father or something, cuz I am very busy being an economically productive member of the family.


Reach said...

If I ask about the "Very Good", would you give another illustration? It does not hurt to ask, does it?


Rick, everytime I open your page, there is a large void before you post. Are you aware of this, or is it just my computer playing the patience game with me?


PS, I tried to send something

Seven said...

I don't know about the opening delay. No one has mentioned it,I guess it could be happening to others. Maybe they will let me know if it is.
Did you send the very cool eclipse?

Reach said...

I tried, tell me if you get it. I had to bring it from my gov site- to my site, then forward it.

Rob said...

Rick, as to the blank, I have it as well.
As for the illustrations, it seems you have various examples of female architecture, it's all good if you have been blessed with eyesight and the ability to tell the difference between a lamp post and loose jeans. But same question will still come up. What are you lookin' at? Mister! Rick, look for pictures of the apes or chimps with the swollen rumps, same process at work. It does get your attention.

Seven said...

I appreciate especially your unique and salient perspective from a biologist viewpoint!

As far as the odd loading of the page it appears to be happening with MS Explorer. I use Firefox so I didn't know there was a problem. I will try and sort it out. Thanks for telling me.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

And here I thought I looked bad in a thong...;)

Seven said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Seven said...

How can a Queen of Nuts not look regal in a thong?

patti_cake said...

uh-oh no she didn't!!!

Jenn said...

Ok. That is just every way. The pic on the left of course.

Oh - for a few days there was a delay and big blank spot...when the 'splain' it to me post was first. Today - there was no delay or blank spot.

Reach said...

All worked well for me, today


Grant said...

During one of our frequent thunderstorms, I ran across a couple of young hotties at the store. They asked for a ride back to their apartment, and I was glad to oblige. The ethnically Asian one sat in front of the car with me and when I let them out, her jeans slipped, flashing me her entire sculpted hiney with a purple thong and butterfly tattoo.

One ride - paid in full.

Angie said...

I agree with PQ...I thought I looked bad in a thong but I feel much better now.