Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nuts To You

All of you know how I sometimes go off into some weird post about sunshine on my wings and such stuff. Believing that a world outside what we can see exists. If you have scoffed at this I say 'nuts to you'. And this pic supports my thought perfectly. On top is a store dealing in nuts, I guess. And on the bottom is a PSYCHIC. And its not Photoshop. This is in downtown Philly and it is as real as your car payment.

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Ever heard the phrase 'bullshit is flying'? This is where it is coming from. From the flying bull in Philly!

Sunday we ate at a famous Philly Cheesesteak place called Pat's Steaks. Up rolled a long black limo. Out came TV cameras and reporters followed by the Philadelphia Eagles No.1 draft pick from the day before. Guess which one is him! He is a defensive tackle from Florida State. Hear that PQ?
Typical first round signing bonuses are around 6 million. That right, six million. He's 22 years old. Not bad for a kid.

This is inside Franklin Field on the day we ran.

This is the ouside of Franklin Field.

This is a part of the Univ of Pennsylvania campus adjacent to Franklin Field.

Here is my 4x100 team. The coach is third from the left. He set a new 100 meter World Record later in the day following the relay.
L to R:
Yours truly, Mark Hastings, Bill Collins, Charlie Allie

And finally, since I have masters track folks that read here I am showing them what the Penn gold medal looks like below. I find it a little peculiar. It appears to be Ben Franklin passing out laurel wreaths to 4 naked men. I'm the third guy in line. A little weird huh?

If you got this far you are truly my friend!


Jenn said...

That is a very strange medal. But kind of cool...? I can't believe you have a groupie! Well - that's not terribly surprising...but it is kind of goofy that she wanted a picture with you.

You're a star, buddy!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Of course I got this far....there's naked men in your post! And you're right...that guy on the medal with the cute butt DOES look like you! ;)

And that is one big FSU player! GO FSU! ;)

patti_cake said...

What good is a medal without naked men?
FSU Pfft.... Penn State fan here! *winks*

Seven said...

Fine with me Girlie-girl, but what exactly is a 'Nittany (lion)'?
Seriously. I don't know and always wondered.

Angie said...

mmmm...philly cheese steak...heart attack in a sack.

The picture depicted on the medal is a little odd but I'm all for naked men. Just glad ol' Ben had his clothes on!

Seven said...

Queen of the Peanut Gallery,
A fan of naked men, eh? My wife likes NFL football cuz she sez she can see through some of the football pants on the buut side of the pants. She never knows the score or who is playing. But she watches very closely!
She likes tight track uniforms too.
I think she needs a spanking.

Seven said...

Can you beleive they put "Cheez-whiz' on those things? They do! And then they act like it is good, and even famous?
Well, OK they ARE good. But Cheez-whiz?
Who would have thought?

Cheeky said...

Mmmmmm Philly Cheese Steaks from Philly.....mmmmmmm

That is one cool looking medal!

Seven said...

Another Cheese steak lover? Wit or Witout?

Seven said...

Remember that post race feeling after a good race? I know you do. I was beaming for about half a day

Pat said...

Is the third guy in line you because he's got such a skinny butt, or because of the belly paunch? :-)

Angie said...

I know. The first time I saw one I thought it was completely gross. I prefer provolone on mine...slow down the impending clogged artery a little bit.

patti_cake said...

the name Nittany lion comes from the Nittany Mountain Range on the outskirts of State College,PA (home of Penn State and only about a half hour from my hometown). The mountain range gets its name from an indian princess.

Seven said...

Wow! Thanks. Now I know!

Reach said...

Good photos. I was going to reference the Greek Games; but, if you are the third guy in line, why are you crossing your arms- closed off or something?



Seven said...

I think you may be looking at more detail than I expected?

I think I'm just a little pissed cuz I'm the shortest guy on the medal.