Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I’ve got a feeling all you idjits have probably seen this before. I plucked it off the deleted area so I just imagine lots of bloggers have had it up before. I don’t care cuz it made me laugh, and it was new to me. And I am all that matters after all.

I have a somewhat unorthodox view about clothes and nudity. I just don’t think clothes or lack of same matters a lot despite our society’s obvious fascination with the subject. All you girls can go naked around me any time you want. I don’t care. Really.

Unless you are under 4’-11” and weigh more than 200 lbs and you are the same person.

Anyway, this cartoon just makes me laugh. Out loud.

Have a great HN Thursday!


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That was SO cute! :)

I think it's wonderful you have that attitude towards nudity. Were you raised that way or did you become that was as an adult?

I went to high school with two kids who lived at Cypress Cove and I never got around to asking them how they felt about it (we ran in different circles) but I always wondered about it.

Loved the cartoon! :)

patti_cake said...

Hey I never saw this one! Cute! I love the freedom of nudity also but it's something society (in general) has a BIG hang-up about!

Seven said...

My Queen,
I was raised in a rigid religious enviornment and had to 'think' my way out. I could write at least 3 long posts on the subject but I expect everyone would get very bored and go off to find HNT pics or stories.
The Cove is one on my favorite places. It has a lake and paddle boats, nice restaurant, overnight condos and camping, 2 very nice pools, bicycling, and a bar! There are some permanent residents and lots of European vacationers.
That simple 'yep' at the end of the cartoon just makes me grin.

So right. I think there are actually a lot of people like us but they are afraid they will be judged for expressing that attitude. Like they say, if God had intended us to be naked he would have made us that way! The simple silliness of that cartoon is my kind of funny.

Reach said...

I like the pause. As I can imagine the first idividual's situational awareness in realignment, his mind going blank, the focal of the unmentionable observation, and finally the justifiable questioning.

Did I read too much into that one?
Very funny, Rick.

I am a "closet" nudist, I change my clothes in the closet.

Reach <-Modest

Did you get the photo?

I just realized the timing of that question was poor. The Sunset photo.

Seven said...

Got it, and e-mailed you back. Thanks so much; its a very special photo I think from a very unusual point in the world!

Reach said...

Way Cool- Should I get others of the same and you would like, just let me know. We have many unusual angles, of unusual "shots", from an at altitude view of the curvature of the Earth's horizon to penguins standing noon guard at the airplane. I shall post more as I think of them.


Angie said...

You know how I feel about nudity. I do have a question. Bicycling at a nudist resort? Really?? Please tell me you have to wear shorts for that....I mean certain body parts just shouldn't touch a hot bike seat.

Seven said...

Most of the bikes I have seen belong to residents; though there is a bike rental shop for vacationers. Everybody throws a towel over the seat.

Reach said...

I can just see it now, vacationer on bicycle, no-clothes, with helmet.

Sereena X said...

Photobucket has a deleted area? Is it a secret place only special people can access? Or is it more like those tables of free books at library book sales? Am I asking too many questions? Do you think I'm trying too hard to be annoying?

Seven said...

Sereena X,
Just a lot of questions in keeping with the recent post. If you are not careful I will begin to think you are all girl.
Go to Photobucket. Type 'delete' in the search box. Enter. It will take you to the deleted files area and you can begin a new search.
Now YOU are special too!

Now that IS a mental image. I may have to doctor a photo up in Photoshop to match your imagination!

Sereena X said...

Thanks. I'll try the Photobucket thing sometime.

Last time I checked I was all girl. Sometimes I think like a man, though. It makes life easier.

(Blogspot FUBAR again... wouldn't accept a comment on the first try.)

The Stiltwalker said...

ha ha ha. too funny.

Kelly said...

Loved the cartoon!! I didn't notice he was nekkid either~ then I blushed~~ truly I did. ;)

I'd rather people kept their clothes on. Can't honestly say I've seen many 'clothed' people that I'd enjoy seeing 'sans' clothes, walking around. Nudity in your own home, backyard, private beach,down on the farm~~ now that's a different story. ;) I have 'against the grain' opinions on HNT as well~ but that's what makes life interesting~ diversity.

BTW~ you are one nice looking man.

Seven said...

Thanks for coming by! For the record you often crack me up over on your blog.

Gosh, now I'm blushing.