Sunday, May 21, 2006

Morning Dove

Sunday when I awoke the sunshine was streaming through the blinds of my bedroom window. It was making that distinctive striped pattern of sunlight and shadow that blinds make, its play of light and dark spread across the quilt that still covered me. I wasn’t working today so it was possible to actually be in bed as the sun made its appearance in my room. The window was slightly open for fresh air overnight and I could hear the swimming pool’s fountains splashing into the water outside. Near the window a morning dove emitted its soft ‘cooo’ sound. The air in the room was fresh, the sunlight warming and persistent.

If Walt Disney were alive to design a day, one full of zippity-doo-dahs and bluebirds on your shoulder, he would have given me this morning.

Most of our Sunday was spent at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. Although Fort Worth carries the nickname “Cowtown’ the museums of Fort Worth are world famous and the Kimbell Museum houses one of the world’s finest collections.

That in turn caused me to think about the creative potential in each of us. Some of us write blogs, others like my wife capture the world through photography. Some paint, some run and lift weights sculpting the physique, mother’s read creatively to their children, some make music, but everywhere you look, if you look carefully and with a discerning eye, you will see creativity at work in virtually all individuals around you.
All of us carry the potential to create. Many of your friends or family might claim otherwise, declaring “I can’t paint, draw or do anything creative”. But its not true.
God blessed us all with the power to create. The power to create love, art, food, friends, music, words, happiness and even sadness if that is what we want.
All of us are like the flower you have seen on the Discovery Channel, unfolding in time lapse video. We get a chance to show the world what beauty we can lend when each new day begins.

That is an important point in my mind, the idea that we lend our creativity to the world. In doing so we create beauty within the world. Many people in the arts want to be recognized for their contribution. That is only human and not in itself a negative thing, but it misses a larger point.
If we view our creativity in a different way, by understanding that what we have to give is being shared, even if we are not hoisted on to another’s shoulders to be celebrated, then we gain insight into the creative process life intends for us.

It is the wisest of persons that understands his or her contribution is being absorbed and appreciated by others even when the appreciation is not immediately known. I re-introduce you to the idea of a musician inspiring millions while unable to meet them all and learn that he or she has inspired them.
How many of us have discovered an incredible photograph, piece of art, music or literature and had it inspire our lives without a clue as to whom the creator might have been? Still, the creator exists, though they will never experience your praise or satisfaction.

It is enough to create. It is enough to lend and share yourself. Create and move forward, never looking around for applause. Often the applause will circle around and surprise you from the front. Sometimes it will be applause so distant that you never hear it all; and that is alright because the measure of your gift has been fully received.

I got out of bed and stood in the sunshine, observing it splatter across my chest in its distinctive pattern, enjoying its warmth. My wife walked through the room on the way to another room. She smiled at me. She was barefoot, wearing a bright blue Japanese silk robe. She was as pretty as the day I first saw her. Her slight and graceful robed image bounced around in my head happily and energetically even though she never said a word to me as she walked away into another part of the house. It remained long after she left.

She was creating art, and to her credit, I think she knew it.


Angie said...

Rick, you're such a romantic! It's true we spend too much time looking for recognition as a sign of acceptance rather than just accepting that, whatever our creative talent, our creation meant something to us and thus is important.

I've been wondering, and since you brought it up, how did you meet Mrs. Rick? Please tell us the story, won't you? Please?

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend, you have captured the spirit of creativity very well. It is indeed in us all, blossoming at different rates and different times. Sometimes the flower can be seen - other times a slight sprig and yet as you have well observed, what we see is not always what the outcome will be. So seeds creativity eh.

Jenn said...

Great post. I grew up surrounded by siblings that were obviously brother can write/sing a song about dirt and make it sound beautiful and my sister can draw anything she sees. For many years I felt like the 'odd man out'...until these two creative siblings convinced me otherwise. Creativity IS everywhere.

Reach said...

Rick, your talents remain vast, like the horizon. You have an ability of exploration and reporting; which continues to amaze me.
I have always felt that creative expression is the communication from the soul. For some, as with your example of your wife, the simple transient smile will say so much.
As a former composer, from another life, my gratification arrived with my listeners' description of their impressions of my labors. I appreciate the mental image your soul can commmunicate in this style of writting. Please share more, from this side of you, and I agree with Angie, please share with us the story of found romance.


Grant said...

Ironically, I awoke one day last week to cold air and grey skies and I thought "Yes! The perfect day."

Seven said...

Oh no, you have learned something about me. I'm afraid Ican be a bit of an idealist too often, but we all have faults. OK. I will tell you the story of meeting Mrs Rick. Someday.

I was struck with these thoughts while staring at a bell created in China some 4,000 years ago. It was a ceremonial bell with remarkable and artful lines and was of ceremonial function. A functioning piece of art crafted thousands of years ago. I will never be able to express my satisfaction in viewing it to its creator. Or maybe I will?
As always your kind words are especially meaningful to me.

Good for your siblings. The artist always sees the art in others. PS: Really liked your post today.

Thank you Reach. "Creative expression is the communication from the soul" You are hereby given notice that I am stealing this phrase from you. That is a beautifully constructed phrase. So you are a romantic as well?

Reach said...

Ut oh, drop the soldier's Facade, I am found out. Passion strikes many chords. You may utilize, or paraphrase, in part or whole, anytime you wish- you have my permission.


patti_cake said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the talent is when you can share that vision. You are a renaissance man, Rick. A true Renaissance man!

Seven said...

You are so sweet...and I promise never to stalk you. I read your post and I am still thinking about that one. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'll pop over and comment.

Sereena X said...

Rick... lovely.

Seven said...

sereena x,
Thanks. I like your new page top...but I liked the other one too. Why did you change?

Sereena X said...

Glad you like it. The server those other images were on happened to malfunction, so I reverted to using an earlier template (and I added the rolled-up corner revealing e.e. cummings). I still have the other design, and will bring it back eventually. I really really want a theme-switcher... One of the reasons I should start using WordPress.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Wonderful post, Rick. And I particularly loved the last line. :)

Seven said...

Queen of the Nuts
I bet you too have been art and known it?
Especially at a construction site.

Seven said...

I am struck by the thought that the universe probably creates as many grey days as sunny days. So we can share. However be advised that ninja bunnies only come out in the sunlight!

samuru999 said...

Wonderful post. I really enjoyed it.