Monday, April 17, 2006

Am I Handsome......Or What?

I had a handsome day yesterday.

You know, those days when the opposite sex is paying much more attention than usual?

You’ve had those days too. I bet you’re never really sure why though.

You get those extra long looks and smiles, the sort of thing that makes you feel like ‘really cool’ they do still notice me a little.

Then of course you start wondering; what is the deal with this particular day?

Is it these clothes? Or, maybe I got more rest last night and I’m looking a little better than my usual.

This has happened to you. Deny all you want, I know it has.

So my day was going quite well. I talked quite a while with the teller at the bank. Her long gazes and wide smiling made me feel that special confidence.

I took that confidence with me and went strutting about the grocery store. Same thing was going down on the grocery aisles. Women making face to face contact, checking me out, and smiling to top it off!

I flirted at a level worthy of embarrassment with the grocery checker. Same thing. Lots of long looks and smiling. She was almost tittery. I don’t know if that is a word. In my mind it means a little giggly.

My, my, what’s up with me today? Am I handsome…or what?

When I got back home, I decided it would be a good idea to check myself out in the mirror. I thought it wise to try and isolate whatever special quality was raising my stock today.

The man in the mirror staring back at me had one of those toilet paper blots that men use to stop a bleeding spot after they shave. You’ve seen those, right? It usually has a small blood spot at the center.

Well, yes indeed, I had one of those little thangs stuck tight to my chin.


On second thought, maybe I’ll go with it again tomorrow, the attention is nice.

Now I Get It…….maybe


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Honey, believe could've had twenty of those little toilet paper sticky things on your face. They were not looking at that.

I have NO DOUBT those women were probably staring at your ass....or your chest, or your eyes...not the little paper stuck to your chin...;)

Angie said...

I agree with Stacy. It's not the TP, it's the man wearing it. Give yourself some've got some nice ass-ets :)

Seven said...

PQ and Angie,
My goodness my readers are certainly sooooo SWEET!
But, you see, some of them were laughing?

patti_cake said...

Okay i'm laughing too Rick I can't help it! I second Angie and the PQ i'm sure you get your fair share of female adoration out and about in your fair town. Or else the ladies there must be BLIND :)

Grant said...

That sort of thing never seems to work for me. Even when I wear an outlandish shirt (like the one that says Drop Dead) all the women avoid me. I think I'll try your method and see if I get any attention.

Angie said...

I understood they were laughing (I giggled a little myself). Its in the female DNA to reassure the men in our lives (even the ones we're just friends with) that those women were flirting with a handsome man and paid no attention to the t.p. thangy on his face. Unless, of course, you were nursing a hangover while on a date...then I would have LMAO at ya.

Reach said...

I think it was the positive attitude and self-security. People are truly attracted to these attributes.
During a really "Bad break up" with a girl friend, my friends thought it just to purchase and give me a gift. A shirt, which read "PBM" on the front and "Psycho Bitch Magnet" on the back. I didn't understand why the girls at the bar would not speak to me.
Humm, Maybe it was the shirt,

Now I get it....maybe...



Seven said...

No problem. I intended to make you laugh. All of us can be so full of ourselves sometimes that I was just poking fun at myself.

It worked for attention; but you have to feign ignorance if you actually know it is there; some acting required. And I didn't get laid or anything just laughed at.

I'm thinking that might have been it....but then I'm not an expert on female anyone?

Jenn said...

I don't know Rick...were you wearing the shirt you have on in your blog photo? Kind of an eye-catcher, that one is.

Funny story though...and you're surely not alone. We've all had those days.

Rob said...

You're right, those days are out there, very unpredictable tough. I remember one of those check-out registry moments when I was not feeling particulary handsome, late in the day, tired, wearing a raincoat, but I did have a smile and 'a wow, you look great' left in me. Turns out, that's all she needed to make her day, and mine.

Denny Shane said...

where exactly are you having days like this? I don't see them down here in Houston... maybe I need to move.

Seven said...

You have to walk around with toilet paper on your face. Try it. It should work in Houston.

Aims said...

and there was me thinking you'd left your fly open again!

Seven said...

Yep I've done that plenty. Same thing only different, eh?