Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I'm reading some of the blogging girls talking bout 'checking out other girls', and I'm reading blogging girls talking bout how clothes and lingerie make them feel special and sexy....and I know the guys reading here have not a thing against pretty girls in pretty today I am sharing a link for you's here. Turn on your sound. Enjoy.

And oh yeah, the second music selection in the show is fun, I'm pretty sure it's the original Janis Joplin version of Summertime!


patti_cake said...

Hmmm.. the link wouldn't work for me?.. Yep it's me, the original "girlie girl" ;) I tried to blog about it but my post won't go through. Stupid

Angie said...

That was pretty nice. Did you see the chick on the right side of the audience??? She was getting into it. I was waiting for her to jump on stage.

Seven said...

Girlie Girl,
Try pasting this into your browser

I didn't notice that the first time, but I see what you mean!

LC Scotty said...

You are correct, sir. That is Janis Jopliln. Another gem taken far too soon.