Monday, April 03, 2006

Thanks Ginger!

I'm hoping you like the new look of my site. The credit goes to Ginger who runs a blog design biz called Baby Jane's Blogs. She's a real pro and delivered (as we say in the biz world) on time, in budget with professonal results. She's a pleasure to work with and I recommend her. So if you want a new face for your blog then just take a look to the left side of my site where you will find a Baby Jane's Blogs link.

Thanks Ginger!
And here is the scoop on my new design:
I chose the red doors slightly opened because it plays well with the nature of my site. I like to think we are all searching for new meanings and fresh understandings. Sometimes we have to look in places we have never looked; a sort of looking into the darkness behind the slightly opened doors if you will. The door is my reminder that what we search for sometimes requires looking beyond what is immediately observable. A chance to say...Oh...Now I Get It.......maybe.

You will notice a weathered cross on the door. Those that read here regularly know my site is not about religion particularly but does occasionally head off in a spiritual or philosophical direction. I like to think we all aquire our spiritual life in this 'living it and learning it' fashion. Therefore I used photoshop to dodge in the cross symbology on the door, implying it has weathered in place on the door over a long period of time; as our own spritiuality often does in our lives as we age, learn, evolve and hopefully fully transcend to where we stand completely on the other side of the door.
The stone/adobe walls represent the fortresses we all build around ourselves, reducing the original innocent child into a stone fortress in our attempts to keep the mean world at bay. But there is always a door that can lead us outside ourselves; and sometimes the doors are partially open, waiting patiently for us to look beyond.

What's just beyond your doors?


Reach said...

And do not forget the photo of the "eyes of wisdom".

I do like your new site.


Seven said...

Flattery is always welcome...but you are too kind. I often feel like I am wandering in a maze without a map, and other days the door opens wider; know what I mean?

Rob said...

Rick, I'm impressed by the photography. I've felt that way about some of your other image-statements. This one reminds me of another culture, being willing and able to seek a different point of view, not put off by the charming, yet 'discordant' color schemes, the unfitted parts that make whole picture some empty spaces, forcing eyes and minds to search for the other 'imperfections' instead of glazing over when it looks 'perfect'. You well know that the world is not perfect, and we appreciate those disarming, smiling peepers daring us to look a little closer.

Seven said...

Wow...very articulate...wish I had said that! Thank you Rob.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Love the way you really put thought into exactly how you wanted your blog to look. Some folks just throw things together.

I really like the look! :)

Grant said...

Those red doors are the gateway to Hell. HELL, I TELLS YA! HEEELLLLL!!!

But it does look cool, plus the site loads quickly and doesn't have annoying popups. Definite thumbs up.

Stacy always beats me here. You guys are conspiring against me.

patti_cake said...

When I see the Red Door I think of Elizabeth Arden. Is that shallow of me?

Seven said...

Thank you. Very sweet as usual.

Indeed it is a conspiracy from hell. Keep Grant in second place...Oh Satan, make his life tardy always; wait a minute...can you pray to Satan?

I think it just means that on the other side of your doors lies a spa! Perhaps hedonisitic, but not shallow. I always think of hedonism as a very positive word by the way. May I join you?

Jenn said...

I love your new look. After seeing yours and Fish's...I threw myself in line for some blogwork. Hopefully will see some results in the next few weeks!

Yes, the doors definitely suit your style. And your peeking eyes are a nice touch.

Seven said...

Thanks Jenn. Did you sign up with Ginger?