Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blog is a Funny Word

Blog is a funny word. A lot of folks I talk to don’t know a blog from a frog.

I learned this weekend that the lists of those that don’t know include my 76 year old mother. She can do email with help.

I was having a conversation with my sister and my mom. It went like this.


Sister: Mom, have you seen Rick’s blog?

Mother: (after a few seconds of silence) Well, that’s a bizarre question. I guess I haven’t actually seen it in many, many years.

Sister: I don’t think he has actually had one that long.

Mother: What? Are you thinking that he just started developing one? This is embarrassing anyway, why would you ask me that?

Sister: Well, I guess I just wanted to know if you had seen it. I was looking at it the other day and I really enjoyed it.

Mother: Oh My God, what are you trying to tell me! And why on earth would Rick show you his blog! He doesn’t have any reason to do something like that!

Rick: No mother, I don’t think you understand. Beth saw my blog on the internet.

Mother: Well, My God in heaven! You put your blog on the internet! Why don’t you just walk around naked all the time so everybody can see your stupid blog! No sireeee, thank you, I don’t have any interest in looking at your blog! You just keep that thing in your pants, you’re not too old to spank you know!

Rick: But mother, I’m 54 years old.

Mother: Honey, NOBODY is interested in your blog anyway.


Well, that’s true I guess. Using either meaning. But, how did she know that?

Now I Get It…….maybe


Angie said...

LMAO! Somehow I get the feeling people are interested in your blog...using either definition :)

Grant said...

I think it's funny that blogger's spell checker doesn't recognize the word "blog."

And why do parents tend to assume something they don't recognize is dirty? I tried to show my mother the movie "A Mighty Wind" because she liked the other movies made by the same group, but she refused. Later she admitted she thought is was a porn film. What in our entire history together would actually make her think I wanted to show her porn?

Seven said...

Gotta admit that is a bizzare response from your mom, but of course you have described her to your readers so...
I think technically 'blog' ia an acronym, rendering my title incorrect, but I'm too lazy to mind.
"A Mighty Wind" sounds like an Oklahoma fart movie to me...:-)

One of the things you will learn from reading Ruiz is he recommends we ask for what we want in a clear fashion. Still I doubt I'll see the day when that particular announcement (re: my blog part) is made by anyone.

Reach said...

You have out-done yourself, this time. This was so well written, I could imagine the same/exact response from my mother.

"A Might Wind", I was thinking of another L.A./Santa Ana based hockey team.


patti_cake said...

Oh Rick your Mom is funny! I see where you get it from! My Mom would be horrified too. She won't even turn on the computer

Angie said...

We could get you a shirt that sez "ask me about my blog" if that would help. lol.

Reach said...

If I may "piggy-back" off of Angie; How about a tee shirt which reads, "How do you hold your Blogger?"

Seven said...

OMG. Look what I started. A comedian/comedienne free-for-all! Funny stuff.

The Stiltwalker said...

that's cute...My mom learned how to email now I get hundreds of 'jesus loves you but will kill you if you don't send this to 26 people' types of FW's a day. I'm like ma, no one forwards anymore because it's annoying. please stop.

thanks for stoppin by rick, that's a sexy man up in the corner. that u??? lol

Seven said...

I ran over to your place after looking at your commnet to Grant which made me lol.
Got you bookmarked and I'll be back.

Rob said...

Rick, nice one. What a hoot! Remember the days of the generation gap? This sort of fits that definition, but it cuts other ways as well. I can't keep up with the short-hand. It's like slang, man.

Aims said...

LOL!!! Mothers are so funny!