Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Coach is Hard to Catch

I went to a Texas Rangers baseball game last night and got home late so I have very little for you today. Remember I talked about my legendary track coach and teammate Bill Collins a week or so back? I thought you might like to watch the widely acknowledged fastest human over the age of 50 in action. My wife took the video of Bill racing in the 200 meter race in Boston two weeks ago. He had broken the existing world record for men over 55 in this distance in Linz, Austria the weekend before and ran just a hair slower in this race. For a guy that is 55 yers old you may be surprised! The video has sound also. Just click the icon if you have any interest in this sort of thing.
You don't even want to know what his workouts are like; they are legendary. I have been doing my training per his instructions and schedule for nearly a year now; and dang am I ever tired! At the end of this month I will run in a relay race in Philadelphia (Penn Relays) where I get to hand the baton to Bill for the anchor leg. I'd say we have a good chance!

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And I should add that Sandra and her blog "Not That Desperate' have been added to my blogroll. I'm very tardy on that one; apologies to Sandra whose posts and comments are always very thoughtful and interesting.


patti_cake said...

Can't wait to see how ya'll do in the Penn Relays!!!

Rob said...

Rick, my adrenaline gets pumping when I see something like that. Just how much faster could Bill be out of blocks? stay in the passing zone, and good luck chasing the record.

Seven said...

I have experimented with his stand-up start and honestly I don't think much is lost really. Bill's force phase is very good, his drive phase is exceptional, but it is his acceleration phase that is almost non-hman, so the strength of his race isn't sacrificed a great deal.
You hit the nail on the head; it is mentally difficult to make the hand-off and remember to keep on the lane curve since I am leg 3. More difficult than people might imagine. Charles Allie is handing to me and I hand to Bill so I am sandwiched between two Hall of Famers and just a little nervous about doing ANYTHING stupid!

PBS said...

What an opportunity, you'll do great!

Grant said...

Ha ha, I beat the Peanut Queen here. In your face, PQ. Victory is mine!

Now I'll go back and actually read the post.

Reach said...

OMG, I too, beat the PQ here. Now that is a first, I think.
Anyway, on to my discussion.
Too bad I could not watch the video, due to LAN software. I'll bet it was fast.
The best part about being "sandwiched" between two Hall of Famers, will atleast let you know the level of racing you are achieving. I mean think about it, you have been selected and positioned for the team's optimum performance. You deserve every sense of pride that accompanies your position.
I could not imagine, after you hand off, to have the ability in witnessing the acceleration, as leg four begins. WOW, Very much- Way Cool!


Seven said...

And that is why I am so nervous, high cotton with high stakes and I'm the new kid at the table! Visible sweat on the brow.

Rob said...

Rick, did you mention who is lead leg?

Seven said...

Mark Hastings. Mark just came into the 50-54 group and has been training under Bill for 2 years. He ran a 25.51 200 in Boston and has an excellent start.
The world record is pretty stiff at 45.04 by a US team in 1995. It was run on American soil so it is also the US record.
The only chance we have I think is with perfect handoffs; but no secret there, that's the way it works, eh?