Wednesday, June 28, 2006

7 Riddle; sounds cool doesn't it?

I thought I had seen every episode of Seinfeld. But last night I saw one I had never seen before.
The thinking behind this post comes from the fact that in this episode George Costanza wanted to name his first child Seven. That’s right, the number 7. He thought of it as a tribute to Mickey Mantle who wore the number 7 on his Yankees jersey.
I am fond of the number seven. In fact I am even a little superstitious about the numbers 7 and 3.
The premise in the Seinfeld episode is that George is being as strange as usual and having the number 7 as your name is completely ridiculous.
But, as Kramer might say, “Hey just hold on there a minute, I think you’re on to something big.”

I like the name. I want Seven to be my new name. Seven Riddle. Or even better, 7 Riddle
As it turns out this fits in perfectly with the history of my mother’s side of the family. My uncle Johnny, my favorite relative of all time had three children, my first cousins. My folks had three children including this blog’s writer, the middle child.
My mother and my uncle had a running argument about which of them had the oddest children. I didn’t get a vote of course as a result of being one of the ballot nominees, however I was known to try and influence the vote from time to time creating greater 'odds' for my side.

Where am I going with this? Simple. The number 7 is an odd number. If I can get my older brother to change his name to ‘9', and my younger sister to take on the name ‘5', that makes me the middle child ‘7' don’t you see. It also immediately qualifies my mother’s children as the odd children. Victory is ours. Much to my mother’s chagrin and my Uncle Johnny’s delight.

My cousins, if they are satisfied in having lost, and yet seeming to have won by not being the odd children, can adopt the even numbers as their new names. This could give new meaning to the phrase ‘High Five’. It could also create some temporary confusions. Asking “Where is One?”, could elicit the response “One what?” but those are just details to be worked out.

It also offers intriguing opportunities for tracking the genealogy of a family. If a 7 mates with a 2 then the first child is ‘9.1' or ‘nine one’ if text is preferred. The second child is 9.2 and so on down the line. This quickly reveals birth order and narrows the possibilities of the names of the parents. Obviously this is much easier in the days of Adam and Eve, but computers should be able to sort out the bigger numbers as we go along.

Many of you mathematicians will try to shoot holes in this design. That’s OK if it doesn’t work out. My chances of getting everyone to call me Seven the rest of the way are pretty remote.
My chances of mating with someone named '2' might be even more remote.

Anybody want 69?

Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm not a 2 but would you settle for an 8? (69 being my middle name) ;)

Now the thoughts of related child being named 15.1 ... for variety's sake I would just call him Bacardi

Monogram Queen said...

Rick you are a "10" in my book *wink* *wink*
Seriously the name Seven is kinda cool ....
and 69 fan here too!

Seven said...

Lady Dandelion,
Prince Bacardi by way of Lady Dandelion.....It has a royal feel to it when you say it that way, eh?

I'll be your 10 or your 69! Any day.

Grant said...

I myself want to be called Lance Luciferian Stone, although I'll answer to 13, 11, or Sillius Soddus (my gladiator name from Monty Python).

Jenn said...

This post is ridiculously funny.

My sister is always changing her name..not legally, but for fun. She hasn't gone with seven yet. Hmmm...the opportunities are infinite if she starts on the numbers.

Just call me Pi. Yuk yuk yuk.

Seven said...

Alright 13, so it is GRANTED.

Jenn, Now there is a really good idea.
Or maybe you could go with "R Square"

Reach said...

I stopped by for only a moment and could not resist in a response and a quick hello. Hi!

First thought that came to mind would be, as you are known as "7" (short hand version) you would always be in your prime- as seven is a prime number.
Second, in Vegas you would have conflicting feelings playing "Craps".
Third, since my son is a JR., he would be referred to as "T-Square".

OK, I guess this is enough for the first time back- would not want to over do it.


Seven said...

Welcome back and I sure hope you are feeling a little better! We've missed you.

Leesa said...

I always thought that was a funny episode too.
If you remember, he didn't want to share "Seven" and recommended "Soda". I wouldn't be surprised if a celebrity names their child Soda one day.

69 would be a fun name, wouldn't it?

Seven said...

OMG...I hope no celebrities are reading here or they will surely do that. I have noticed there is a lot of 'Leesa' confusion out there. Do you want 69 from now on? LOL

Margie said...

I guess I will stick with my
"999"... This is a fuuny post.
Well, on second thought...
maybe, I'll take "10"... as my better half always tells me I am a "10"... He's a good liar... but always nice to hear it.
You come up with funny stuff Rick.

Seven said...

I would love to hear the '999' story. When I worked as a police officer everyone went by their badge number. Mine was 823. So it went something like this..."Anybody seen that moron 823?"
I'm betting your husband is right by the way!

Anonymous said...

I'll take Sixteen. Oh all the possible connotations are reocgnised, noted and hopefully passed over. i just like the number.


Seven said...

Sixteen it shall be then fatty one. Do you prefer 16 or Sixteen?

choices407 said...

How about 007? Right now I am 407.Sean Connery rocks!

Anonymous said...

well if its going to be my name i'll take the letters, but first we must develop a new spelling of it to confuse everyone...

Seven said...

You go first. I'm sure I'll like how you do it.

~grey said...

God, I love the way your mind works....

I have never watched an episode of Sienfeld *gasp*...

I think my mind is going through information overload now... 69 thoughts and you were a police officer... *smiles*

Seven said...

Silent One,
Never seen Seinfeld? I want to hear the 'why' behind that statement soon. I sense something interesting there.

Smiles returned.

Officer 823

Leesa said...

Yes, absolutely! Call me "69" from now on ;)