Wednesday, June 21, 2006

To Be Like Water

A couple of days ago Silent One posted a well written post about the effect that rain has on her. I immediately thought about water and the Taoist teachings about water. So, I commented to her, and is often our ‘selfish blogging comment’ way I talked about my feelings not hers.

Maybe she will forgive my self absorption.

Her post reminded me of the ancient teachings about water and my own feelings about rain. The old sages held forth that each of us should emulate water in our own lives.

Water is the great sustainer of life. It is also the most powerful force on earth. It carves Grand Canyons. It sustains veritable oceans of life. We harness its incredible power for a thousand uses.

At rest however, water embodies humility. Watch following a rain and you will see it roll into the lowest places on the terrain. It is always seeking the humblest spot on earth to take its rest.

In this way the ancients tried to teach us to be ‘like water’. When the negative forces of life become too large, or we witness injustice, we are to use our immense reserves of personal power and might to triumph; just as water does.

When we are unthreatened by life we should seek the ‘home of humility’ and express our peacefulness and serenity to the rest of the world.

And of course at all times, whether in powerful acts or peaceful resting, we should sustain the life around us with benevolence and kindness.

That is what I think about when it rains. To be like water.


samuru999 said...

So very, very beautiful.
Truly touching.. brought tears to my sleepy blue eyes(not enough sleep last night)
Thank you.

Grant said...

I am like water. I carve my way through rock and adversity, and I can crush my adversaries with my sheer volume. Also, I just had lunch at Umezono, so I'm full of fish.

Remember, the Internet is about ME. Al Gore created it to keep ME entertained.

Seven said...

And has Al actually succeeded at something then? Contact his campaign manager forthwith. What a breakthrough!

patti_cake said...

I just find water to be incredibly cleansing and soothing. From the tiniest tinkle of raindrops to the crashing of the mighty Ocean.
Great post Rick.

Seven said...

Geee, I didn't mean to make you cry...;)

"From the tiniest tinkle of raindrops to the crashing of the mighty Ocean" (That's very pretty)

Silent One said...

Rick, I didn't look upon that comment as self absorption, but as a beautiful insight into ones belief or soul.

Water like Rain, is taken for granted. It should never be...

I had never thought that it embodied humility, but it does... I will look upon rain with new interest. Your thoughts and words as always wonderful.

Seven said...

Silent One,
As my blog friend Colin from London(Fish on a Bicycle)might say in that wonderful British way..."I think I'm beginning to quite fancy your visiting here"....

melanaise said...

uh oh, Rick, you are in Dallas too!!! yeeha!!!

Careful what ya wish for on my blog!!

melanaise said... are married...LOL...*spank*

bad boy!

Angie said...

"And of course at all times, whether in powerful acts or peaceful resting, we should sustain the life around us with benevolence and kindness."

Very true, o wise one. It's a shame more don't practice this.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I thought I would visit your blog as I enjoyed reading your comments on Grant's latest post. You write well and so lyrically. Is water a precious commodity now in Texas--it gets so hot there! I will definitely be back. And what a template!

fatty ~ said...

rain embodied good luck and expectation of good fortune in chinese superstition. i really like your thoughts on this.

i love the analogy and i will take this away with me.

Seven said...

Yes in fact I guess I am a bit naughty, but somehow I feel I just might come in second if I had a naughty contest with you? ;)
And besides Allen is close enough to Dallas to just reach out and spank your lil cowgirl hiney!

I see through your posts that this is actually a common practice of yours. I'm coming over to comment on your today post, I'm just having trouble condensing my thoughts. Plus I have to work..frown

EOT Republic
Glad you came by. I'll get over to see you too. Not much water from the sky lately, but no big water scares (yet)

That's a kind comment that I have given you something useful. Thanks for commenting and reading. Peace of Rain.

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend, the beauty of your words is not lost upon me. As your words flow like the fluidity of water over rock, over stone, over branch, over tree root, nourishing the tree thence the leaves and beyond - so your use of the language flows from dawn to dusk to life itself.
Well done.

Seven said...

And as always your benevolent nature shines through in your support. I'm reading you every day and I always find something that stimulates thought over at your place. More than anything I remain 'schooled' by your remarkable dedicaton to task.

Ilias- said...

The rain she cleanses the air, the water she cleanses and noursishes the plants, the animals the life forms. The mist she forms the clouds. The ice she forms the glaciers. She cools the fire and creates steam and adapts and flows downward as you so beautifully illustrated, as it also evaporates flowing upwards - connecting the heavens and the earth. She is also a great lubricator for love within our bodies, creating a path for travel of energy. So much beauty, so much to admire.
All that, and it refreshes. Ahhhhh.
I am feeling sentimental about water. Thanks for the
inspirational post Rick.