Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Right Again!

I wrote a couple of days ago about working backward. The central premise being that so much of the purity of what we come into the world with can be ‘dirtied up” by the predators that bring us shame and guilt in pursuit of their own agenda.

In my mind this means that if we practice ‘rediscovering’ our inherent goodness, we develop the ability to see past the shame and guilt barrage that assaults us each day.

All of your comments seemed bulls-eye to me in the interpretation of that idea, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts.

That post also reminded me of something I have meant to write about for a while. Early in my life I was very typical ‘male’ in that I analyzed everything around me and made decisions based on that analysis. I still am often teased about my penchant for placing information into spreadsheets and analyzing certain aspects of finances or other numerically driven data as though the numbers were all that actually mattered.

However, later in my life I have managed to work my way backward to ‘re-discover’ a new skill. I should say for me it is a re-discovered skill, because I know many of you have had this tool in your tool belt for all of your life. My wife says it is the discovery of some of my feminine side. I don’t like the sound of that, but whatever.

I have learned to trust my instincts and intuition. I’m talking about that moment when every siren is sounding in your head about some particular decision or understanding and you actually stop and think, “I don’t have any idea why sirens are sounding in my head. It’s not logical to abandon this action or decision if I can’t rationally explain why, but well….I’m going to listen this time…….and I am going to act on intuition and not analysis.” This process has been going on for me for a while in a positive manner.

Recently I read a book called “Blink” and it gave me some additional peace about the process. Inside the book, the author Malcolm Gladwell explores the phenomena of intuitive reasoning and offers some concise and scientific proof that our intuition is actually operating on real information. (According to the author) The information we are using for intuition processes so quickly that the analytical part of our brain works too slowly to piece it together into ‘logic’ but does understand the information as real. Hence, what we assume is intuition is actually the assimilation of real information that occurs too quickly for us to understand it as ‘reason or analysis.’

And so you see, my initial intuitive assessment that analyzing all things is the way to go has been proven to be accurate. I have been RIGHT all along! LOL


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh I whole-heartedly believe in intuition! It works...it really does.

I just knew you'd have an excellent blog...and see? I was right! ;)

I may just have to go out and buy that book now! :)

Seven said...

Queen of the Nuts,
It is a fascinating book, I recommend it.

Jenn said...

Huh. My mom read that book recently.

I was thinking (just this morning actually) about how when I'm slushing about in my feminine-thinking head - you post a comment that is so utterly masculine-thinking that I would never have gotten there on my own.

I need to hone that skill a little bit...or perhaps re-discover it.

As it stands now - I just repeat the mantra 'he's trying to control me' over and over again until it sticks. Thanks for that...really.

Balance is everywhere...sometimes it's just hard to find.

Seven said...

My good thoughts are always with you. Your siuation with the Idiot is especially annoying to me because it so perfectly illustrates the immaturity of my gender when we are off on our 'control missions'. It will be his ruin if he doesn't get help with it. Sounds like so far it has never served him well......maybe a slow learner?

Grant said...

Is that book entitled "Blink - the power of thinking without thinking"? I see that a lot at work - we produce it, and it's one of our best-sellers. I always wondered if it was a decent book, or another bit of managerial claptrap like "Who moved my cheese".

Seven said...

Yep, that's it.....everyone interprets, appreciates or non-appreciates these 'book' things, so I will leave it to you for your own review. I found it interesting.
You work for a 'book' company?
I don't know where your cheese went...;)

Monogram Queen said...

I am a BIG believer in intuition and it has not failed me yet.

That book "Who moved my cheese" is corporate claptrap. Meh.

Seven said...

Yep, I knew that all you girls would be way ahead of me on this one. At least I'm catching up!

Steve said...

I like the twist of analyzing the intuition. It's kind of like the sound of one hand clapping.
Aside, I am learning to be a big fan of the intuition and I thank you for this post which should be printed and handed out as a free bonus with those triple blade razors.
Best to you.

Seven said...

Very funny twist at the end of the comment...thanks

Helene said...

My issue with intuition is much the same as with fate.... or 'signs'. It often allows us to see what we want or expect to (if only subconsciously) see.

On the topic of discovering your feminine side... I read a quote today by some famous woman... lol

'The perfect man: A poet on a motorcycle. '

Seven said...

Perfection comes cheap, eh?

xwy said...

lol @ 'free bonus with triple blade razors.'

Curious - does he explain why women rely more on intuition? It seems like we are open to it at a younger age. Just curious if it's DNA or experience or what?

Glad you're getting in touch with your feminine side, Rick ;)

Fish said...

You know I read that book, and I want him to 'intuitively' cross a busy road.