Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Have you ever thought that you were something like God? I have. I think I should quickly work on context to avoid offending anyone. When we say we are ‘like God’ we are generally not reviewed favorably. Terms like narcissist and arrogant come quickly to mind. Deranged might be another term that a listener or reader would give domicile.

So it is with trepidation that I would engage such a discussion with you. I have over the years developed a sort of religion of my own. I really think all of us do this, don’t we? We don’t all set it to writing or outline it in a way that goes to hardcover and results in a church of brick and stone, but don’t we all develop an understanding of what make sense to us spiritually?

My religion can’t be outlined in a simple post. If I wrote my own text it might take more years than I have left. It would also be a continual work in progress, and thank goodness for the invention of the word processor/computer or I would destroy a forest of wood pencils in the effort; probably because the erasers on the end would be long gone before the actual pencils were depleted.

Are we actually God? I don’t think so. Do we have the ultimate potential? I do think so. Robert Shapiro reminded me of this in a very insightful post about being apprenticed to God while we are here on earth. This is a wonderful phrase isn’t it? To be an apprentice to God is a remarkable concept and a challenging contemplation.

This idea honors my personal thinking about natural law and the existence of ‘all good’ that runs in unending supply if we allow the natural law of good to guide our behavior.

Wrapped in such an innocent phrase as ‘allow the natural good to guide’ we discover difficulties that confound the best of us. I continually search for the framework of natural law. I have discovered it is embedded in faith and love, little surprise. Robert reminded it is also framed by the benevolence of the Creator. Is there a higher challenge than to pursue the attributes we perceive our benevolent God to own? Is it shallow to believe that the world would find its grace and peace if all its occupants emulated every movement and thought of God? To work diligently at this task is the calling of being an ‘apprentice to God’ as Robert artfully phrases. A noble calling is it not?

The complexity of this concept is that we must first define the attributes of our God. This is subjective of course. Perhaps my natural law of the good is different from yours.

Still, if I could engage each day with this concept, the idea that God is beside me teaching me to become God also, like a young boy working alongside a master carpenter. If the boy is diligent and attentive, will he not learn the skills of the carpenter?

Is this the divine idea behind free will? Surely the Creator has free will. If we are to study for such ascension of our own, isn’t free will unavoidable as a task to master?

Mr. Shapiro has inspired me to bring this thought to your attention. In a world that ceaselessly begs our attention through other stimuli and other deceptions, can we find time to listen as any clumsy and unskilled apprentice is required to do? Through broken tools, bloodied fingers and being bone weary at night can we persevere and continue the lessons?

The dawn, with all its virginity and freedom competes with my dark nights. I’m cheering for the dawn.


Anonymous said...

So good Seven. Robert's post was an inspiration, huh. Take care.

~Deb said...

A lot of people like myself will automatically think being like God in the terms of, “Remain in me and I will remain in you”, type of scenario. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit----and the believer are all thought to be ‘as one’. So, God says He’s within all of us. Does that mean we ‘are’ God? It’s tricky. But if you think about it, we all have God within us, but in my opinion, I dare to call myself or think of myself as a God. (Maybe goddess…but that’s just my conceited side coming out now.) In Buddhism and a lot of other religions, they see every single person as a piece of a bigger entity. Just like a lava lamp, we are all one at first, then we come to earth (break up like the lava lamp) and eventually go back to the original form that it once was. And in their theory, it’s whether you’re good or evil, because the good and the evil has a purpose in this life which is a key link into living here on earth.

Okay, way too much coffee! Loved your post…very thought provoking! (As usual!!!)

patti_cake said...

I dunno there's something to be said about a dark night spent with the right person *wink*

Seven said...

Hi Steve,
Its always a pleasure to sit in Robert's counsel.

Yes I agree with you about the need for evil as a choice. Too many around me dismiss God because they sense evil in the world. I think this a failure in analytical thinking, but so it goes. And, thank you.

You are just sooo naughty sometimes. A very likable naughty...

Anonymous said...

Yes, our spiritual beliefs and the journey that they inspire are very personal. I think that is why it is so hard to be part of "organized religion." Each of us is different (hurray!) and rather than celebrating the rainbow of people and their beliefs, we tend to think others should understand this just as we do. It causes the chasms that divide the various branches of any religion. My faith, my beliefs, develop to meet my own specific needs. I think God "gets" that!

I like Deb's wonderful analogy with Buddhism and the lava lamp. I tend to think more in that pattern. I think we are all extensions of God. I don't mean that I think I *am* God but that I (and you and everyone) am a physical manifestation of Him, of His wish to have His work/word here carried out. I see my task as being to live my life as well as possible, to let others see the Go(o)d in me, with my presence here being representative of Him. Do I think I am God? or even A god? No. But I am absolutely OF God and learning every step of the way. And absolutely an apprentice. It isn't easy. But when I quite fighting against something and focus on fighting for another, my live certainly goes more smoothly. It is all in the focus. I chose (at least when I'm aware) to focus on, work toward, identify with the positive flow of energy.

Well, it works for me!

Seven said...

Silver Lovely,
Nice . Thank you for sharing important thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Seven, thank you for continuing the discussion, for accepting a chance and for spinning the wheel to allow others full and free access to the discussion and discussions spun off from yours.
Goodlife my friend.

Rick said...

I actually carry business cards that read "Retired Galactic Manager" ... for those just coming to discover they are NOT God, in the conventional sense of the word. Personally, I found that the world runs one HELL of a lot better if I don't try to control it.

Seven said...

As always, thank you.

Mr. Leonard,
I think too often we attempt to experience God as the force behind all that happens or occurs. I hear (particularly the young) pronounce that they are atheist because no loving God would allow these things in the creation.
I personally believe that the Creator might well carry a similar philosophy to your own. That is, hands off unless help and guidance is requested.
Oddly, I actually had written a paragraph about carrying a business card with the phrase "Apprentice to God'. I pulled it on a 2nd read edit.....

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time I've printed off one of your posts and carried it around with me...I doubt it will be the last time either~ I'll add more later- maybe quietly...or perhaps just for myself?
One of my favorite speakers- who is a teacher to me in some ways, always says that he has:
"Talent on loan from God-"
and I love that.
One can not have that "talent on loan" if one did not ask for it.
As I see it-
God is about "relationship"...
And relationships are personal- intuitive...sacred- and 2 dimentional- except with God I think it's way more than 2 dimentions we get into- and hard to describe really.

What I've come to that many of the human relationships (the healthy and loving ones) I have are diluted versions of what I can have in and with God. And all of those relationships "teach" me something, whether it's with my parents, my kids, my spouse, or my peers...I'm always learning- or should be.
I'm being instructed by Him...He is never far away. Even in the times of my worst rebellion- He was standing at the door- and still teaching me- but through the pain I was inflicting on myself.

I'm sorry...blah, blah, blah :)

Yes- I'm going to continue to write about this someplace else-
I feel a river rising up inside me- or is that the Dawn?

Seven- thank you :)

Seven said...

That is one of the nicest compliments ever left under my comment tree. Please do spread the dawn in your own excellent way and words.

Anonymous said...

Busy week or else I would have gotten to this sooner. I could write so much, but I believe this: God's Holy Spirit lives within me, but it doesn't make me God. Through him, I can be made more like God, but I am a human created in his image. That has all sorts of ramifications that only a book or a good sermon might address.

Seven said...

If I discussed this concept in a book I would explain that my suggestion about the possibility of becoming God is predicated on apprenticing for time eternal. I certainly am not intending on an ascesnsion in what we routinely define as our lifetime. Much study required, perhaps 1 billion years, still every journey begins with the.......