Thursday, January 11, 2007

Into the Storm

I'm leaving the Dallas area tomorrow aboard Southwest Airlines. The destination is nothing special, unless you happen to like Lubbock, Texas. (and few do) I will be competing in a track meet at Texas Tech University over the weekend. This will be the first indoor meet of the season for both me as a masters track athlete and for the college athletes that will compete there also. I'm entered in the 55 meter and 200 meter sprints on Saturday.
So....I won't be around to comment on your posts or see what's left under my comment tree until Sunday.
Here is the spooky thing. The weather forecast is for a fearsome wind and rain storm to blow into Dallas at around noon. My flight time? Noon.
The storm is coming from the northwest. What direction am I flying? Northwest.
Well,,,,maybe I will be back Sunday.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"left under my comment tree "

I like that appropriate!

And I'll send some good thoughts your way and to the great travel God in the sky! :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Good luck with your competition and your flight. I actually know people who like Lubbuck Texas, even though I have never been. Is it that bad?

Seven said...

Thanks Queen of the Nuts. I hope you have some fun this weekend and holiday, it sounds like you have been really giving a lot of energy to those that surround you.
I hope you get some Queen time where others do nice things for u.

Lubbock, like our individual lives, is blessed and cursed at the same time. It is in a notoriously ugly stretch of Texas. (Curse) It is dusty and windy and seems like sand is in every crack of skin you own (curse) The people are some of the kindest, best mannered and soulfully rich in the nation (big blessing) I lived there as a small child for 3 years. So far no statues of Seven have been erected. You do know that Bobby Knight coaches there at Texas Tech now? He once described it as a perfect place on earth because people are respectful, say 'yes sir' and care about one another. Maybe, maybe not.
I hope you are feeling better? Please take good care of yourself for me. Eat. Drink. Get well. Smile and love.

patti_cake said...

I feel sure you will be just fine. Good luck at the Meet Hon!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! Stay Safe!! Have Fun!!

Let us know how you do...

Seven said...

Tanx. Love ya.

Thank you. It's early in the season. Its a way of measuring training from over the winter and a pretty low pressure competition. Later in the summer I will be in Italy for the World Championships. Now that's pressure! Maybe not as scary as flying Southwest into a storm...

Rick said...

Dude, I am so freakin' impressed. Go kick some ass. And about that storm? If it's coming outta the northwest, it's gotta be a GOOD one.

Seven said...

Don't worry Mr. Leonard, anyone over age 55 is gonna get a 7 spankin'
Its not the storm I worry over though it is likely a good one, its Southwest Airlines. I have one of those love/hate things with them.

Anonymous said...

wow very cool! Safe travels!