Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dimmed Reflections of a Greater Light

Our friend Rob emailed me with sad news for his family. You all know Rob; he comments on this site regularly and is a valued member of our small community here. Rob lost his mother recently. In the past few days he also lost his younger brother Phil. Phil was 59 years old. In the space of less than a month Rob has had to deal with the deaths of these two important family members. He has been integral in making arrangements and comforting those around him and has flown across the country for funerals in Maine and California in a painfully short time.

I know, because I know Rob’s strength, that he has comforted all those around him. I know too that his hurt is real and it will stay with him for a period long beyond the immediate.

Many of us have never had the good fortune to physically meet one another. Despite that fact we do know one another and care about one another and pain for one of us here is pain for us all. I grieve with Rob and I also hold him up. I know Rob and his family will be in your prayers and thoughts as he is in my own.

Rob, have you noticed how it is difficult to say meaningful things to those around you at funerals? At least it seems that way to me. I always manage to give some form of comfort, I hope, but I also sense that we often simply hold out our arms and hope the embrace of caring is enough to sustain, and the words become the weaker comfort. We hold out our arms to you.

I lost my father when he was only 62 years old. I was 36 at the time. I respected him, loved him and I really miss him. At some risk of sounding too mystical, I will tell you that he still comes to visit with me. The most recent appearances he has taken the form of a bird. I know that is meaningful for you as a bird lover/expert. I know you can picture what I tell you next since we share a love of track and have physically met one another. Imagine me running a hard 400 meters in training at a pace of 70 seconds. Not racing, but cruising at a solid rate. Imagine from seemingly nowhere a hawk appearing above my head at around the 90 meter mark. It soared above me and literally followed me around the loop to the end of the course and then soared away. I watched it in wonder as I ran, my head held in an awkward position. My training partner, who was running right behind me in the same lane, asked why I stared at the hawk for so long and added “that was really weird the way it followed us around the track.” I smiled at him and said nothing because I just didn’t want to extend the conversation into the mystical. But I knew what it meant, and I knew who was reminding me that he still watches, cares about me, and patiently waits for me. It was not the first time he had communicated with me in this way. This is offered to me as a reminder that he is not gone. Like the Creator he also watches and waits. These are the dimmed reflections of a greater light above.

We hold you in our prayers
Stand on our shoulders and look above
For the signals that comfort you
Smile and follow what you might find
They remain with you
And they wait for you.

God’s Peace My Friend


tiantanghuhu said...
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Anonymous said...

Always be open to things you don't understand. Those sometimes bring the greatest comfort. I hope peace finds you and holds you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this loving and supportive post.. and peace be with Rob and family.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry...
my thoughts and prayers go out for Rob and his family- his losses are indeed great.
I appreciated the story about your dad more than I can say at the moment- thanks for sharing it.
I needed to hear it tonight~

~Deb said...

Rob will be in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t imagine what he’s going through, but I firmly believe what you said Seven, about your father coming to visit you. My grandfather had told my mother that when he dies, he’s going to send a pigeon over to her upstate where there aren’t any located. (My grandfather was a lover of pigeons when they used to live in Brooklyn, NY. Well one day, about a month after his passing, he sent a pigeon over to my mother in upstate New York- up in the country! He comes every year around the time of his death. Coincidence? I’m not sure. Faith has a lot of reality in it- even if it does sound like an oxymoron.

My condolences Rob!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful comfort you have given Seven. Rob will be in my thoughts.

Seven said...

Thank you. I beleive in your pigeon. I have always known the exact times my father is near.

Seven said...

You will some day return the favor. You're welcome.

I know Rob appreciates your prayers.

Silver Lovely,
I hear you and Rob hears you. Thank you.

patti_cake said...

God's Peace to you both. We lost my FIL last year and the hurt is still with us. You never stop missing their physical presence.

Reach said...

I attempted to comment last evening, unfortunately blogger decided I should'nt.

I could never understand how you feel at this time as I am not in your shoes, nor walked on your path.
As the trail takes new and sometimes unfortunate turns, it is our individual beliefs that help us remain on our own path for the lessons to come. My thoughts, prayer, and energy are with you during these trying times. I say this because I have come to value Seven in my world and will accept any friend of his.

Peace be with you and please be safe,


Seven said...

Those are thoughtful and meaning filled words of friendship for all three of us. Thank You. You are valued.

Seven said...

Thank you Patti, I know Rob appreciates your being here and commenting.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Please give Rob my condolences and love. I lost both my parents within a year and a 1/2. Gosh, I know what that is like. It's an empty hollow in your heart. He will be in my prayers, please tell him Seven.

Seven said...

He will be here soon to read your good wishes and intent. Thank you.

Angie said...

My condolences to Rob. My thoughts & prayers are with him...along with a very big hug...because sometimes that means more than any words.

7 - I too believe that those who are close to us can visit after they pass on. My grandfather visits me often...not in a physical form but I always know when he's near.

Anonymous said...

7 - It's tough losing anyone that's been close to you and to lose two in such a short period really must be almost unbearable.

I believe we here in blogland care about one another even if we haven't met. There are many I have prayed for because I felt the pain they were going through by what they had written (and at times didn't write).

It is in these times that we should be there to lift one-another up so that we can see what is beyond our pain. I pray that God will give Rob peace through this time...

Seven said...

I know you know what I know. Isn't it a wonderful thing? I trust the same extension of senses will be there for Rob.

Those are caring and meaningful words. We all thank you for that caring spirit.

Rob said...

Seven and all my blogging friends. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Just got back into a partial swing of things and thought I would check out 7's latest revealtions. Wow, it's amazing to me just how much love there is out there and I am humbled and grateful that even momentary acquaintences and new life long friends will focus a few moments in my family's direction. Those prayers and well wishing will not return void. Bless you all.