Friday, October 21, 2005

Am I Handsome.......Or What?

I had a handsome day yesterday.

You know, those days when the opposite sex is paying much more attention than usual?

You’ve had those days too. I bet you’re never really sure why though.

You get those extra long looks and smiles, the sort of thing that makes you feel like ‘really cool’ they do still notice me a little.

Then of course you start wondering; what is the deal with this particular day?

Is it these clothes? Or, maybe I got more rest last night and I’m looking a little better than my usual.

This has happened to you. Deny all you want, I know it has.

So my day was going quite well. I talked quite a while with the teller at the bank. Her long gazes and wide smiling made me feel that special confidence.

I took that confidence with me and went strutting about the grocery store. Same thing was going down on the grocery aisles. Women making face to face contact, checking me out, and smiling to top it off!

I flirted at a level worthy of embarrassment with the grocery checker. Same thing. Lots of long looks and smiling. She was almost tittery. I don’t know if that is a word. In my mind it means a little giggly.

My, my, what’s up with me today? Am I handsome…or what?

When I got back home, I decided it would be a good idea to check myself out in the mirror. I thought it wise to try and isolate whatever special quality was raising my stock today.

The man in the mirror staring back at me had one of those toilet paper blots that men use to stop a bleeding spot after they shave. You’ve seen those, right? It usually has a small blood spot at the center.

Well, yes indeed, I had one of those little thangs stuck tight to my chin.


On second thought, maybe I’ll go with it again tomorrow, the attention is nice.

Now I Get It…….maybe

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hh said...

I enjoyed the post and I like how you ended it with "I get it maybe". It's a change, update with the knowledge you've acquired.

By the way, tittery according to does not exist. However, to titter is To laugh in a restrained, nervous way; giggle. I believe this is what you meant.
She was tittering? She had the titters.
I didn't know if it was a word, till I looked it up.