Friday, October 07, 2005

Now I Get It.........maybe

Have you ever felt like you had learned a great truth about life and then discovered over time that you were in fact, just plain wrong or at best misguided. Maybe the truth you discovered was effective at that time but not effective later in your life.
This is the process of understanding that what we learn in the acts of living and accept as an indisputable truth is sometimes only effective for that present moment in our lives.

I often hear people talk about the 'great truths of life'. Do these really exist. I think it is likely, but it troubles me that so many people are intent on convincing us what those truths are.

If something was a great truth to Benjamin Franklin does it hold that it is by default a great truth for you? I bring this up because his autobiography is one of my favorite books. Still, I would not know if his observations and wisdoms work for me until I put them into practice.

The thoughts above are what this blog is about. I have often thought "Oh, now I get it" only to discover sometime later that I should have added the modifier "maybe".

Share your ideas here along with mine. Please don't preach. Just share.

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