Thursday, October 13, 2005

I wish I was Gump

I wish I was Forrest Gump.

Imagine that everything is nearly always good. Imagine that it turns out that way because you go about in the world with total innocent acceptance of all things that happen around you.

Imagine that it is that way because you never question that there is anything negative in anyone or anything around you. Fate simply smiles on your innocence and acceptance of all things.

Yesterday I learned the amount I have to pay the IRS for 2004. I’m frowning and I don't feel any sense of innocence.

I am supporting a mid-level federal government executive all by myself. He or she may as well toss their desk onto my back and just ride around, using me as an office. Oh, I forget, I am already paying their rent too.

I drove into a gas station feeling sorry for myself. Standing around the outside of the station were at least 50 day labor workers. Potential employers drive up and interview these men for one-day labor jobs. If a deal is struck, they get into the truck and go off to do whatever job. I felt better about my own situation.

Then I realized I felt better because of the lesser economic circumstance of a fellow human.

I felt bad again.

I wish I was Forrest Gump.

Sometimes I Don’t Get It.

Talk to Ya Later.

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