Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cryonics. Wanna see Ted's frozen head?

It is said, and apparently documentation exists, that baseball-great Ted William’s head and body were frozen by Alcor Life Extension Foundation and now are waiting ‘what’s next’ in Arizona. His head and his body were separated prior to storage. You have heard this story, right?

The science behind the idea does exist. It's called cryogenics. It’s the study of what happens to materials at extremely cold temperatures. Cryonics is used to store human bodies (frozen) with the hope of one day reviving them. It’s being performed today, but the technology is still in its infancy.

An internet poll taken shortly after Williams death in 2002 asked if folks like you and I would do the same thing. The poll (unscientific) came in like this:

72% No

19% Yes

8% Not Sure

Out there in internet land 19% of your brothers and sisters want to come back after being frozen…….or….…err.......cryogenocided.

I’m not saying they are wrong; no one put me in charge of these things.

It does create a lot of questions though.

For example:

Do you come back in your 80’s? That was Ted’s age when he was polarized.

Do you have to keep a heart with coronary clogging that created your death in the first case? Your return might be short. Do we have to keep the cancer that killed us once? Want to give it a second chance? Some argue medicine will have advanced to cure both problems.

Shift gears here.

When I look in the mirror, I see someone playing in the late third quarter of the game. That’s only part of the story however.

My soul isn't ageing. This is important in the discussion of cryonics.

The mirror tells only part of the story.

My soul is ageless. It’s youthful and ready for what is next. More importantly, it’s ready for what is right now.

I can be any age I want to be. One day I can choose 18, the next I can chose to be 38.

Is this a form of delusion or insanity? Not for me. It makes me happy to know I can still race on the track with the spirit, soul and enthusiasm of an 18 year old.

Yes, I am arguing for the idea of an actual split between soul and body. Separate and distinct entities. I believe this.

That’s why I would vote no with 72% of my fellows.

If Ted is brought back………..whose soul is in there?

Maybe Ted is at the plate in the World Series somewhere else, only to be jerked back to his 80’s and a wheelchair here on planet earth.

I bet that would ruin his day.

Pretty sure I Get It.......maybe.

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Robert Shapiro said...

I have enjoyed your writing and your opinions. The fact that I share these opinions myself might have something to do with that but that's hard to say. In any event, I read your whole blog - at least what's on this page and I sure enjoyed it. Thanks.