Friday, October 07, 2005

Is this the right bus?

For those who have and those who will ask, the photo on the opening page is in fact a picture of the blog author.
I am boarding a rail transit bus in Edmonton, Alberta. I was there for a masters track meet in July. It was confusing with many maps that I had never seen before in a city I had never visited. Unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar maps.
The photo is symbolic of the nature of my blog.
At that moment in time, I wasn't at all sure I was boarding the correct bus. If you look closely I am literally calling to my wife, "come on I THINK this is the right one"!
Life has many choices. There are many buses to choose from. Ever choose the wrong one? End up where you weren't supposed to be?
Sometimes we choose the right way to get somewhere. Sometimes we choose poorly.
What I learned from this particular bus trip in Edmonton is this; you might choose wrong and end up where you didn't want to go, but you also meet some very interesting people and see some new things along the way.
Now I Get It.......maybe

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