Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Busy Doing Community Services

I don't have time to do a proper post, nor an improper one, so you are stuck with this in-between nothing of a post.

I'm really busy this week writing a technical specification for a Bulgarian television station. Enough out of the normal that it makes me out of sorts. At least 'out of sorts' used to be a meaningful term, maybe not any longer?

Working in the European construction zone means I have to research European products and write all technical specs in metric. It's not so hard as it is a 350 millimeter pain, I think that is the proper size?......But, if you ever work with metric you will soon wonder why we continue to fool around in our overly complicated and somewhat bizzare imperial measurements.

But anyway, lets talk about something else. See that photo above. Thats me. I'm pushing a shopping cart full of starting blocks at a track meet this weekend. And no, I am not a hunchback, that is a backpack! So all of you that wrote me snarky e-mails about my 'servants' comment in the recent 'selfish' post can just smooch my weary metric sized selfish butt.
See.....this is community service to my fellow athlete! I am pushing those blocks up the track so fellow competitors can try to beat me using them (they didn't) but that doesn't matter to my point. See, I am a service oriented guy. Or maybe a homeless fellow with a fetish for starting blocks. Take your pick, I have to go learn Bulgarian.
Out, 7


Rick said...

Damn the metric system! Between my brother and I, we owned nearly every track and field (well, not so much field) record at our high school. For a decade or so. Then they converted to metric and they all came crumbling down. Ah, well, too old to brag about high school anyway.

Seven said...

Yep, all my old buddies (ages of you and me)still ask what I run the 220 in.....well, ummmm we don't run the 220....
I compete in Masters Track.
You should think about joining us.

Lynilu said...

seven, you make a cute street person. ;-))

Seven said...

Awwww.....i think they're all kinda cute...but thanks

Angie said...

So, 7...given your ex-profession...where'd ya get the shopping cart? Huh? Borrowed? Likely story.

BTW, *whistles loudly* nice legs!

Seven said...

I swear it was there when I got to the track....and it had one wheel that wouldn't turn making it push like a load of concrete...absolutely not worth stealing.....being a high end guy I would have stolen a better one!
My legs?? *blush*

Bellarosa said...

Seven, seeing those legs and reading the word fetish in your post .. I girl could easily develop one if she tried. ;)

Love the shopping cart look, couldn't they at least given you something cooler to haul those blocks with?

patti_cake said...

I would definitely follow you home even if you were homeless *wink*
You'll have to share some interesting Bulgarian words with us!

Reach said...

Does the number seven fit into the metric system, as we are learning about the man.
Now that you are doing the conversions, why did you not use your measurement in meters? Or, would your statement then convert to "Meter Metric Pain"?

In the old times of construction, those who worked with blocks, were called Masons. Those who moved the blocks were called tenders. I wonder, does this now mean, you are a "Free-Mason, Tender"?


Rob said...

7. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. He's a winner from start to finish.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Okay, so you have to teach us all the dirty Bulgarian words you know...;)

Seven said...

Lady Dandelion,
This meet was at a high school, and so you get what the school district can afford. It's not very elegant is it? Homeless chic!

Now Cakes...how can you follow me home if I dont have one? Bulgarian is an Indo-European language, a member of the Southern branch of the Slavic languages...sounds smart I know but I just copied that out of Wikpedia...hehe

Your word knowledge is beginning to intimidate me....but I guess on that day I was in fact a "free-mason tender" via shopping cart.

Hey Rob, you know those crappy HS blocks that don't stick and fly out behind you....hehehehe that's what I'm hauling, don't know why I bothered. Rusted to top it off.

Queen of the Nuts,
Here is the thing about that. Probably 1 in 1 million people in the states actually knows Bulgarian, so we can just make stuff up......like 'gurnsnaven'..that means 'shove-it' in English. See how it works? Jus make em up.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Believe it or not, I am fascinated with that country. I went through a period of only cooking Bulgarian food, reading translating Bulgarian literature and trying my damndest to learn the language. I've always wanted to go there, then to Albania. They both strike me as exotic. And Bulgaria can play some mean-ass soccer.

Enemy of the Republic said...
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Enemy of the Republic said...
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Enemy of the Republic said...
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Rob said...

7. Blocks? I thought your coach/mentor/team mate shuns them. They're a crutch, a placebo, a good way to pull a muscle, if you're a novice like me. Sure you aren't hauling them to the recycle bin? just kidding. Are you entered in the 4x100?

Seven said...

So...you can teach the Peanut Queen to talk dirty in Bulgarian then! I haven't been to the first meeting there yet, but I am told the folks in Bulgaria are very laid back and don't care much about deadlines and schedules. They take off the entire month of August. The whole country's work force at one time! But, they work 7 days a week? They also smoke a lot and there are no smoking rules in the offices, restaurants etc. So Americans sit in conference rooms and can't breathe or talk for all the smoke, and they laugh at us for it. They do understand however that metrics is far more logical than imperial. Even if they are good at soccer I'm thinking we would kick their butt in baseball. Of course,who cares?

Bill watched me in a standing start in Houston recently and now strictly forbids me from doing it! It is far harder than he makes it look. We are going to have a 4x100, but might replace Charles Allie with Horace Grant, depending on Charlies leg status. Horace is very capable, but we will still be fighting it out with a very solid Sprint Force America team and of course the Maryland Masters team. We don't have a team in your group.
You know that Bill C ran a new 200 meter outdoor World Record in Houston last weekend (23.36)....he would kill me for telling you this but he told me yesterday that he wasn't really trying to do it....even coasted in the final 10 meters not expecting it....????? Can't wait to see the FULL effort!

Rob said...

7. I just read Stone's blog and he alluded to the same thing, so I don't think it's any state secret BC is playing his cards just right. If he gets a legal breeze, who knows what could happen. I get bumps thinking about.

Aims said...

Fettish for starting blocks! hmmmmm!!!!! Good luck with the Bulgarian!