Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Text to Video

Some have said they can’t see the video below this post, so here is the text that goes with the video. I read it a little differently than it was written, but the message is the same.


An old woman sat on the edge of my bed last night. I awoke to the sound of her rustling white dress. She whispered these things to me.

“Fear not Seven. It is the Creator’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Fear is the great enemy of all men and women. Fear is an invented attitude. Because you have invented it, it can be converted into something else. Fear is the opposite invention of faith. It is also the result of lack of faith.”

“Fear flows from a mental invention that creates limits. Those limits deny the possibility and the willingness of the Universe to give you the good you so greatly desire Seven. There is nothing wrong with your reaching for all things good. The Creator is more fully expressed through the man who lives largely than through the one who lives meagerly.”

“In the midst of plenty humanity lives in want, because of their fear. To overcome fear is the ultimate test of the mind of man.”

“The relationship between you and the Universe is one of reflection. What you imagine for your life, He also imagines for you. And so you see Seven, it follows that the very mental condition which creates bondage could as easily create freedom.”

“You can sit in the shade or move into the sunshine. While sitting in the shadows you may not really believe that there is any sunshine. And yet, you can now understand Seven, the sun would have been there all the time.”


Rick said...

Too true. Fear is a lack of faith. Faith in whatever you deem appropriate. We, in Seattle, are often shut off from the sunlight of the spirit. And yet, the sunlight exists. (Wow, did I say that out loud?)

patti_cake said...

Fear can be hard to overcome, it's mind over matter really. I choose the sunshine too :) Thanks for the text!

Lynilu said...

I'm glad you wrote it out. I could hear it, but I like being able to read it and let it soak in. It's an awesome message. In fact a friend and I were talking about this sort of thing recently, about how fear, often from painful past experiences, can cause us to miss out on some real blessings, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. The other fear I sometimes have to fend off is fear of moving into an unfamiliar situation. Even though I want to leave here and begin the next phase of my life, I find myself dragging my heels at times. I want to leave here, but I also worry (read: fear) about what *could* face me there. Oh, we humans are foolish critters at times, aren't we? We make our own lives so difficult when we seek to control what we should experience.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Today at church our pastor preached about human fear--he made me see it in a whole new way. When we fear, be it of others, anxiety over money, job, loneliness, we give power to that fear and we tell God that we don't fear him (revere) enough to help us with our troubles. I have to process that one; it's a tall order, but one lady told me recently "God did not give us a spirit of fear", refering to a situation in her life, but I know it was meant for me as well. Sorry to get all holy rolling, but I am glad you are open to this kind of talk.

Seven said...

I'm pleased to hear there is discussion of this idea occuring among us. When I wrote that overcoming fear is the ultimate test of man, I stopped for a bit and thought about it longer before publishing. I decided it is true enough for myself; it may be less true of another man.
It is seldom that we hear of human fear being paired with human spirituality, but I find them inseparable in my thinking. What bigger faith can we own than to walk unafraid into each new day, knowing even death cannot attain victory over us.
God's Peace. Have a great week.

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