Sunday, July 02, 2006

What Lies Below The Ocean

Do you believe in miracles? Can miracles and something less occur each day? That’s the statement I told you I wrote and then on reflection laughed about. Which part was I laughing about? That miracles occur each day? Or, instead that something less occurs each day? Neither statement taken alone is funny really.

I laughed because the statement is contrary to what I hold as guiding spiritual principle.

I have come to accept the fact that all things come from a source that represents the beginning of all things, operates universally in natural law and is wholly good. We each have a name for the source. Many refer to God, others to Creator and some refer to this power as simply the Universe. I will use Creator throughout this post.

I embrace the thought that the Creator empowers us with choice, what many of us call free will. I also believe that the Creator has given us a framework of natural operating law. I believe the laws provided have always been in place and are irreversible and that the Creator gives us free will as to how to implement the law of the universe.

I accept that the law of the Creator works whether we do or do not acknowledge its existence. The law works in a cause and effect manner. In all that we think and believe the law will work in our favor or against us.

The effects of our actions and thoughts are caused by the application of the universal law. Since all truth flows from the central source it cannot be any other way, now or ever.

Imagine it this way. We can see waves on the ocean, one after another for as many thousands of years as we may care to stare. The waves are an effect of a greater force operating below, which in turn is being operated upon by an ever increasing set of universal forces. Or, imagine electricity for a moment. We still struggle to understand its original source, knowing it is the natural product of a larger natural order, and yet we do know scientifically that it follows a prescribed set of operational laws. We have learned that we can use the effect of electricity to improve our lives even though we do not fully understand its origin. Such is the use of the natural law given to each of us by the Creator.

When we are able to accept the natural law as irrefutable and irreversible we are free to leverage the effects in our search for the underlying cause.

And once we have learned to create effect we can use the law for our advancement and personal peace.

We achieve our higher good, the ‘effect’ of the law by understanding that ‘what we believe we indeed bring to pass.’ The Bible uses the well known phrase ‘we reap what we sow’. There is nothing in our world that has ever been created unless one of us first thought it possible to create. Nothing destroyed unless we first believed it possible to destroy. The slow process of understanding that 'what we believe we bring to pass' leads without fail into the realm of faith in the laws of nature and creation. These are the laws of the Creator, the ones he wishes for us to find and use with care and wisdom.

Faith is the key to the lock on the door leading to the law.

When Jesus went to the tomb of Lazurus and raised him from the dead, was this a miracle? When he turned a minimum of fish into a multitude of fish, was this a miracle? Convention says, “yes, of course.” The leaders of the church would likely admonish me for disagreeing. I don’t like the word miracle you see. I find it confining and limiting.

Jesus was able to do these things because his faith in the law was advanced beyond what any of us have known in our own lives. Son of God? Certainly. A son of the Creator, filled with a level of faith in the law and an understanding of the law that none of us have known. To say it was a miracle suggests the idea that you or I are not vested with a similar ability if only we had the remarkable faith of Jesus.

The faith Jesus demonstrated is the faith and power available to us each. It is the same law and can be no other way. I have seen bumper stickers and church entrance signs proclaiming “I Love Jesus.” I find the phrase to be both anti-spiritual and anti-intellectual. I think it is a limiting phrase. It is not enough to mindlessly go about loving the power of Jesus. We must search for the matching faith of Jesus. This is the charge of the Creator. I believe the Creator wants us to see the perfect application of faith in universal law demonstrated by Jesus and learn to apply it for ourselves, and not go about in robotic symbolic worship that merely waves hello at real personal effort, applauding Jesus as though our work was done.

And so I find the word miracle to be limiting. All things that we think and believe are operated upon by the law and the promise of the Creator. We simply lack faith in the bountiful and rich yield promised when we truly believe in our power. This is our challenge.

No, I don’t believe in miracles. I believe that what we call miracles, such as the remarkable recoveries from cancer or the lifting of a car from the top of an injured child are possible to anyone that has a faith large enough.

I’m looking for and believing in a day when what we call miracles are deemed insignificant compared to what we have learned we can accomplish through faith.

No miracles for me. I want a bigger word. Or better yet no word at all. Maybe just a blank t-shirt stuffed full of a human with enormous faith and limitless possibilities.



samuru999 said...

Great post!
I am in full agreement with you.
I liked your ending.
"Maybe just a blank t-shirt stuffed full of a human with
enormous faith and limitless
Great words!

The smallest seed of faith is
better than the largest fruit
of happiness.
-Henry David Thoreau

Faith is love taking the form
of aspiration.
-William Ellery Channing

Oh, you were wondering why I am
999... that is something I
cannot reveal. Some things just
have to remain a secret... ok..
823... sorry I meant to say 7 or
is it seven?
All these numbers are just too
confusing for me... just call
me Margie.

Seven said...

Thanks for the task of reading this one. Not light, bouncy or even funny, but it helps me to sort through my beliefs when I have to commit them to words. And like it is for all of us I often don't find words to paint the full picture of the feelings, but always we must try, eh?
Have a great day in Colorado!

Grant said...

Blank T-shirts stuffed full of human? Let me direct you to the breakroom of the factory in which I worked. It's full of those type of miracles. You can have them.

samuru999 said...
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Anonymous said...

If you lack wisdom ... seek with faith, if you lack faith ... seek with wisdom. One of those things will eventually bring enlightenment.

Have a great day Seven! :)

Seven said...

Funny usually comes from a twist on the expected. Something that surprises us becasue it doesn't fit the pattern of what we are expecting.Whoopppeee cushions are a classic exampl;e, though no longer funny. But, it is that surprise twist on reality that creates humor. So, think in the conventional manner, then change it to the unexpected surprise conclusion/response.

Did you mean blank humans stuffed into t-shirts?....;p

Seven said...

Lady Dandelion,
Thank you my royal, I shall do so. Wearing a cap.

samuru999 said...
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patti_cake said...

I am a big believer in Faith. Some may call it blind, I choose to consider it more as "trusting". Good post (as always) Seven :)

Silent One said...


still pondering your words...

Seven said...

Here is funny: Make him a desert each night that tastes not so good. Night after night until he learns he does not want desert. A reverse Pavlovian theory. You are free and he is healthier. That is funny.
And somehow it makes me want to write a post about a reverse Pavlov's theory where the dog gets hungry and causes a bell to ring. That's funny too...

I trust you fully understand!

Silent One,
Thank you for taking the time to read it all. Many will not, and that's OK since I am really creating a summary of my beliefs for my own understanding. Committing it to words if you will. But I truly thank you for reading and commenting. God's peace.

Angie said...

Brilliant post, 7. Like Silent One, I am still pondering...

Seven said...

And that is OK. 7 understands...;)

molly said...

You amaze me! I want to come sit at your feet. Seriously, I think your children are so blessed to have your guidance. Like I have told you in the past, because I am a young college student, I often think of you in 'dad-like' way. A very GOOD way that I need in my life.I hope that's OK?

Seven said...

If this is a clever attempt to get your allowance raised or your tuition paid, the answer is maybe.

Ilias- said...

Rick, I appreciate this blog which has me thinking, as I am trying to solve the puzzles of life. I agree about having faith and how important it is for us to have in manifesting our lives. But I wonder if faith alone is enough? And furthermore how is faith harvested with so many theories, teachers and valid ways of seeing the world view?
From the heart side,
nothing I want to write seems to make any sense or to address what I am really seeking. I just want to try to absorb what you are saying which makes perfect sense. So anyway thanks for posting this. I think I will read it again.

Seven said...

I believe faith is enough. But of course the answers are out there for all of us to seek. This is the way I have chosen. In my beliefs, all of the teachers, theories and views on life you ask about are subject to the natural law provided under creation.
That is that we reap what we sow via our faith in what we can accomplish and what we project to the universe around us. Many believe in a world of happenstance and contradiction where confusion reigns. I choose to not believe this, but concentrate instead on directing my life through the natural law that Jesus talked about when he said "It is done unto you even as you believe." You need not be Christian or religious to understand the truth of his faith.I know so well that none of life is perfectly simple and that is the nature of the test we are taking.
Paradoxically I think it is our lack of faith in the wholeness of the universe and the Creator that prevents us from obtaining the requisite faith required for perfect peace. The universe will always bring us what we need and want. But we have to believe this with the simple of faith of a child.
There is danger in merging politics with this discussion, but I see this everyday in the troubles in Mexico, the welfare and affirmative programs we set up around us, investing in the belief taht the universe's resources are limited. Wealth is OK. Wealth is the product of the universae and available to anyone that desires it in quantities without end. When I speak of wealth I mean not only financial resource, but the wealth of peace, ideas, and happiness available to us all.
The universe does not play a zero-sum game with us.It grants us all we need in quantities we request, if only we believe. "It is done unto us, even as we believe" and this is very imporatnt to the artist in you, and the athlete in me.
I hope I have illustrated how my flashlight works, while you search for yours.

Seven said...

Of course I hope I have managed to imply that faith is useless without action. We must act on our faith. Faith without action results in zero yield from natural law.

samuru999 said...
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Jenn said...

Have you ever read the book Conversations with God? I read it when I was much younger and really enjoyed it. But I'm not sure if it's tastes have changed. Anyway - it includes ideas similar to what you write about in this post.

I want one of those t-shirts!..make that for me and one for the little one.

Lynilu said...

Awesome ideas and discussion. I find myself open to and searching for THE ANSWER. While I'm not done with my search, I've become certain that there is not AN answer. I love your concept, and it feels comfortable as it is near the place in me that is my spiritual center. I'm not much on organized religion these days because it seems to me that it limits what is. My personal struggle now is to let go of the faith (quit setting its limits) so that it can be all I need. I know I limit my own ability to see, live as and be a "miracle." Hard stuff.

Your post is very thought provoking, well, yes, it is deep. But don't stop! I like the balance of introspection and humor. I'm enjoying your blog.

Seven said...

I haven't read it but I have heard of it. Like anyone else what I believe comes from my life experience. It is the blending of 3 principle influences:
1. My experience in the Baptist church as a child (extensive) which induced a great deal of fear, guilt and loathing of Baptist ministers and Baptist hypocrisy. On the positive side I have a strong fundamental knowledge of the New Testament and a lasting familiarity with its concepts and lessons and the parables, miracles and teachings of Jesus.
2. The teachings and writings of Ernest Holmes who I hold in very high regard.
3. My extensive reading in Taoism with particular emphasis on its concepts of nature and natural law.
More than you wanted to know?

Its great to have you on board and commenting. Reading between the lines of your comment I sense a great deal of personal peace in you. Thanks for being here with us.

Ilias- said...

Thank you for your illumination ... of your flashlight. :^)

I want to mention that if indeed the universe grants you your every request from its bountiful supply of resources, aren't there costs as well? I thought of that movie, Capote where he changes the world of literature, but also becomes totally depressed after this accomplishment. At the end of the movie, it says something to the effect that there are times when more pain is created by an answered prayer than an unanswered one. I guess that has to do with motivation and intentions. So I wonder how we have the pure faith of a child as you describe, and not the kind of faith that will cause us misery along with our "wealth"?

Seven said...

As the question applies to what I have written, I would say that the natural law I discuss does not distinguish between a good request or one that is less good. The law merely acts. For example Hitler brought great evil and suffering because of his great faith that others were inferior to himself and required elimination. He believed this with resolute faith and we see the power of natural law responding.
The natural law operating through our thought is blind just like electricity. It operates without discrimination to the value of our thoughts. Therein lies the great burden of free will and choice.
I think Mr. Capote could have just as readily had faith in his internal peace as he had in his creative ability; and I believe that whatever Mr. Capote was portrayed as feeling, he felt because he chose it.
I'm no master of living. And there have been many hard and confusing times in my life, but I have also seen the power of the law when it is invested in good operating through my faith. Sure there are costs; the ugly twin of choosing poorly.

Ilias- said...

Thanks. I appreciate your open and clear responses. See you later.

Jenn said...

No - not too much. I'm with you on the faith front. It's always been good to me and I've always had it. In what...there really is no name. Just a power bigger than myself. Sometimes when times are really tough I imagine that my faith looks like a kid scrunching her eyes shut with intense concentration saying to herself...ya just gotta believe...ya just gotta believe...ya just gotta believe....

Kind of like the little engine that could...

There - more than you wanted to know? :-)

Seven said...

Great visual on the eye scrunching thing...I can picture it now!

Reach said...

Miracle- from the Latin verb mirare (miraculum), means "To wonder", or "An object of wonder".

I completely agree with your line of thought, and feel there is just so much more out there, or within us, to explore and understand.

While I should not speak for another, I do hope you will never lose your ability "to wonder".


Seven said...

Thank you my friend. How are things going? Are you recovering?

Lynilu said...

seven, you alluded to my inner peace in your note on my blog, and yes, in many ways I have it. However, your above reference to "the ugly twin" is right on. I believe anything, probably everything, is possible with faith. Faith without wisdom can be painful, however. In one of my opening blogs I stated,"be careful what you ask for . . . you just might get it." The challenge to live with one's choices can, indeed, be an ugly twin. I think we are given the power to chose, to limit, to reject, etc. Learning the balance of responsibility with the gifts is essential. I know I don't always distinguish well between what I need and what I want, and looking around me, I'm sure others struggle with this, too. I'm impulsive. I often open my mouth (or purse or heart or whatever) before my brain is finished (or even has begun) to assess the ugly twin of my desire. Hmmm. I think I've just realized that my peace is likely directly related to my recognition that I am responsible for my own struggles. I truly don't blame anyone/thing but myself for my acts. I've accepted that I create my own hell at times, usually because of impulse. Now if I can just put some brakes on the desires . . . sighhh.

Seven said...

Well said. Amen.

Enemy of the Republic said...

What is a miracle? It was the way Jesus worked to establish his divinity and show that he wasn't just another rabbi, preaching and teaching. But he grew cross with the constant clamour for miracles, like a side show or a fireworks display. I believe the biggest miracle is God's love for his creation and his relentless endeavor to keep us close to him while not denying us our free will. I will take that over a bunch of demons running into some pigs. Excellent post, my friend. And your blog is so good looking!

Seven said...

Oh yes, the devil of free will was discussed pretty thouroughly here. I'm unfamiliar with Jesus growing cross over performing miracles, though it is clearly understandadble when the effort is to teach us each that the power is avilable to us all, and then all we do is emualte small chidren chanting "Do it again Jesus, Do it again!"
I know commerce in the temple made him angry. A sure sign that modern day television evngelist need to examine things more carefully; as long as we are speaking of exercising free will without careful thought.