Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Old Woman Sat On My Bed


Lynilu said...

I'm quietly thoughtful. Thanks.

Silent One said...

Food for thought....
silently contemplating

starbender said...

How did U get U on U tube???

That was great!

Angie said...

So, I guess the question is are you in the sun or the shade? And what happens when it's partly cloudy?

patti_cake said...

I can't see this! I'll have to try again later or when I get home *pouts*

Seven said...

I suppose the opposite is loudly thoughtful, and once you think about it that isn't usually effective is it? hehe

Silent One,
Always so quiet...I'm likin you.

It's pretty intuitive over at their site. There is an upload area where you put your videos in your own folder. Good Luck.

Reminds me of that old song lyric..."Aint no sunshine when you're gone"...but Seven chooses sun.

So sorry sweetie. I'll post the text fo ya.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I choose sunshine too... :)