Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Delhi Interested in Naked People

Google Labs has a new test product in place. The rapidly growing and innovative company is showing us data from their search engines in a new form. If you go to you can input specific words and Google will tell you what city in the world has searched for that word most frequently.

I can’t explain why but this became an obsession for me this weekend for about 2 hours. Maybe it is my love of words or just goofy curiosity but I did learn some interesting things.

For Example:
Brisbane, Australia appears to be one very curious city. Or perhaps Brisbane is peculiarly interested in the words or phrases I randomly selected. Maybe I should be living in Brisbane? In any case folks in Brisbane (Brisbaners? Brisbanians?) show more curiosity than anyone in the world over the following words:

St Louis shows several odd tendencies as well, leading the world in the following search categories:
Midget lunatics interested in baseball and beer perhaps? You know what they say about Missouri, the home state of former US Attorney General John Ashcroft, who put curtains over the bare breasted statues in the Department of Justice and once lost the Missouri governor's election to a dead man.

Speaking of bare breasts……The folks in New Delhi, India are sure interested in naked people, leading the world by a large margin in Google searches for:
Nude Beaches
Nude Photos
Nude Women

Ever wondered which city is most curious about circuses? Easy, it’s Winnipeg, Canada. I just don’t know why. Maybe they do?

It appears New York City, Atlanta and Dallas are owners of more ‘pains in the ass’ than other places in the world, finishing 1, 2 and 3 in searches for proctologists.

For a moment let’s go back to Brisbane. You may have noticed that the word ‘seven’ has been searched for there more often than any city in the world. I’m relieved. I changed my name to Seven recently because I was being ‘stalked’ or ‘hounded’ or ‘pursued’ (I’m not sure which word is most appropriate) by a lady in Portland, Oregon. She was able to piece my posts together and eventually zeroed in on my snail mail address and email address. Ms. Portland, I will not be able dodge you I guess, but maybe by changing my name I can avoid other incidents.

As far as Ms. Portland goes, the nude photos are interesting and really I don’t want to try the chocolate chip cookies, (no offense Ms. Portland it's just that I don't own a cookie-sniffing dog)

So I am relieved that Portland is not number one in searches for ‘Seven’ but then I discovered ‘track and field’ is the number one search in Portland. Uh-Oh, worried again!

So maybe I should direct Ms. Portland toward St. Albans UK which leads the world (easily) in searches for psychiatrists. And….oh yeah….one of my favorite places in the world, Austin, Texas is seventh in that category! ‘Keep Austin Weird’ is the local slogan there. Maybe they are trying to find them in Austin in order to avoid them? Let's hope.

Have a Happy Monday


Angie said...

Atlanta traffic explains the protcologist search. The phrase "hey, get your head out of your arse and drive your darn car" is uttered frequently. My guess is people are searching for ways to follow the instructions. :)

Bellarosa said...

I can see your facination with this and of course my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see who searches for the word Dandelion ... the results? Dublin Ireland and Seattle Washington being the top 2.

For some reason the results from the nude searches makes me want to stay out of the 7-11. :)

Reach said...

Very cool link.
From my search on "Jeeps", I found your state is more than represented. As for So. Cal. not very good.
On "Surf", well Brisbane won a healthy third place. So, Seven, should you desire surfing lessons when you move, let me know as I have boards and will travel.
RE: Ms. Portland, whoa! That one caught me off guard. Humm, so that is what it is like to be a World Class Athlete with a "fan" club. BTW, the term "Fan" was derived from the word "Fanatic".

Lynilu said...

Yike, the Portland thing is unnerving. My daughter worries about my safety in relationship with the blogs. I just won't tell her about that. shhhh.

That site is interesting. I think it is flawed, however. I entered bar-b-que, and Kansas City came up 7th!! Behind 3 TX cities! That can't be right! Oh, but wait, there is that Ashcroft thing. OK, never mind.

Lynilu said...

BTW, if you ever need another topic to poke fun at MO again, don't forget our governor, Boy Child Blunt. sheesh. What a schmuck. I'm so glad I'm soon leaving here!

patti_cake said...

Wow i'll have to try that when i've got some free time, VERY interesting.
I am laughing about the proctologist comment! True dat.
About Portland, uh, that is scary, you know how I feel about stalker types.

Seven said...

I really laughed when I saw Dallas and Atlanta at the top. Maybe you and I are the problem in those cities?

Lady D,
It does make you wonder about the Indian culture a little. Repressed or open?

I don't think Ms.Portland means any harm. She hasn't clearly explained her interest, but vaguely it seems she isn't interested in hurting me.. We do have tons of Jeeps in Texas, usually young high school drivers for some reason.

My daughter lives and works in St Louis so some of that was for her benefit. But that Ashcroft, a little weird eh?

Yep that made me laugh. Either they have a pain in the ass in NYC and Atlanta or just an interst in assholes, neither is particulary endearing. So far Ms. Portland seems more interested in producing pleasure than pain; and maybe by going public with her advances i can dissuade her?

Angie said...

lol, perhaps we've generated new interest in Uranus??

As for your least you know she's not opposed to living a nudist lifestyle ;)

Seven said...

Interest in anyone's 'anus is troubling to me. Guess I'm not an 'anus type. But you have a point, maybe folks are trying to track down our 'oral exchanges' about Uranus or Mianus via google. Funny.
That's actually a pretty cool name for a small Texas town. Mianus, Texas. Zip code: 00000
Ms. Portland is vague and kooky. I know nothing really, except what she (or someone) looks like without their clothes!

Grant said...

Proud I am to live in the runner-up to the anal capital of the world. =)

Seven said...

Work harder. Google into the night. Become No.1. All things are possible to those that believe.

patti_cake said...

Seven & Thirteen you guys are bringing to my mind images of Inspector Gadget for some reason.

Reach said...

there is a "Mianus" Florida. I wonder what a proctologist's Advertisement would read:
"Best Proctologist in Mianus"?

As long as we are on name play, how about this one- Minn. headline read:
"Fertile woman dies in Climax"
Of course I am speaking of Fertile Minn. and Climax Minn.


Seven said...

Good ones. You may get something started!
Didn't now there was a Mianus! I thought I had looked everywhere....;)

Cakes, Take your meds seetie.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Mianus??? Oh, I just bet there really is a Mianus!!!

I'm off to do some searching of my own! :)

Reach said...

Oh the multitude of name plays, with Mianus.


Seven said...

Or even Uranus for that matter.....

Seven said...

This sounds like a Seinfeld joke, Jerry walks into a convenience store and sez "Pardon me but I'm looking for Mianus, can you help me?"

fatty ~ said...

it amuses me that Sydney easily beats houston texas for first place for the word "journeys".
This might be related to the fact that a part of my Yr12 English syllabus in my state requires students to gather material and texts which portray different types of "journeys" in various forms.

LC Scotty said...

You crack me up, Seven.

Silent One said...

you'd be surprised at home many feelings... nana's do have.


Enemy of the Republic said...

What's better: St. Louis or Chicago?

Seven said...

we call people from Brisbane - brisbournians... sometimes

Seven said...

Is that you messin around??

Seven said...

I think you might be able to view Uranus from either city and that, after all, is enough for anyone to wish for. And if that bewilders you, you will have to read all the other comments.