Thursday, July 20, 2006

In The Rhythm

Searching for the heart that beats in the rhythm of a better world.
Looking for the act of another to close the circle started,
The circle begun in my own acts of giving.

Wondering if those acts return to me, often thinking in the negative,
Feeling I give more than I receive,

Always the sun rises on the darkness of my misunderstanding,
Revealing the good acts and charitable love shown by the ones that surround me
Giving back to the circle of giving
Giving in love and readiness
Giving me strength to give back while accepting the return

Searching and hoping for the heart
That beats in the rhythm of a better world
Closing all circles that flow in unison across a universe of larger knowing

Thank you FATTY for such a heart,
Beating in the rhythm of a better world.


Lynilu said...

Such is a rare heart. Treasure it.

patti_cake said...

Beautiful poetry!

Angie said...

Wow! You really are multi-talented.

Grant said...

Okay, at this point I think you need to post a disclaimer. "Dear Mr. FBI guy, in no way am I attempting to engage in sexual congress with the 17 year old ABC hottie. I'm just highly, and some might argue inappropriately, thankful for her help with the new template." :p

I'm jealous. Fatty ignored my request for template design. Can I go all racial here and blame your blacktino charm for stealing her heart? Please tell me where you live so I can drape myself in bedsheets and ignite a lower-case letter "t" on your lawn.

Seven said...

Hmmm....might want to make sure they are non-flammable bed sheets. No sex with FATTY. Remember she wants babies, I do not.

"Dear Mr. FBI guy", I just want to thank her because it is so rare to have someone give without expectations of return. And usually I guess something does actually get returned from somewhere else. At least it happened to me in this case. Amen.

I actually was trying on your behalf to engage FATTY in desiring to take you on as a husband (remember you and I are French ass-kicking teammates), but then you disengaged by disclaiming a need for babies. And just so you know this, and I am experienced, even the women that tell you they do not want babies really, really do want them. They are lying either to you or themselves. Looks like you're scrooged on this baby thing 13.

Angie said...

Being a woman (yes, I am in case there were any doubts), I have to agree totally with 7 on this one. Women who state they don't want babies will change their mind when in a loving relationship. Sorry, 13 but you are SOL on this one.

Jenn said...

I LOVE your new look. Very you.

Seven said...

Tanx...I think I would like to be a cheetah...:p

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Love the new look, Seven!

Seven said...

Queen of Nuts,
Tanx, and remember Leo's rule!

Leesa said...

Umm..I'll have to disagree. I'm in a loving relationship and I don't want babies.
Pretty post ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You are very very sweet. I mean that with all seriousness and no other words are needed.