Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Brain Is Tired...Could Be A Rough Landing

I don’t like flying too much. I’m not the type to get petrified and require medication or anything like that; it’s just that it seems strange to fly at 30,000 feet when there is so much air below that height. And I would replace those little tiny wheels with great big inflatable bouncy bumpers. Other than that I ‘m cool about it.

A buddy of mine that works in the airline industry tells me the airlines are considering new ways to beat the high cost of fuel. They are going to open new gates where customers are taught to mentally project themselves to the location they want to visit. Very mystical stuff. Soft weird music and you think real hard about being in Rome even if you are in an airport in homely Midland, Texas. They don’t actually have to fly any planes that way. The problem with teaching this to people in Midland or other ugly parts of America is they may never come home, setting up a real challenge for the airlines reclaiming the gate where their bodies still sit. This type traveling is called ‘Astral Projection’.

I decided to get a jump on the airlines by practicing by myself this weekend. That way I don’t need to pay them or go to the airport. I can simply travel from my living room. I have been practicing with limited success. So far the only place I have been consistently is to the Tylenol bottle, recent warnings aside. This projection concentration stuff is hard.

I have some questions anyway. If I managed to actually ‘astral travel’ to say …oh….beautiful Sweetwater, Texas…..and then I got brain tired….you all know how we can get bored or over stimulated when we concentrate too hard……well I mean what if I get too mentally tired to get home! How do you get a hotel room if you are really in your own living room? I mean there are details to work out dude!

OK…you got me. I’ve got nothing today, so I’m just making s*** up.

Thanks for traveling along though.

(and it would save fuel)



Lynilu said...

I'm impressed. Do you think the visit from the Professor put you into a more imaginative frame of mind? Hey, if it gets you a nice mental vacation, yippee-skippee!

For years I had a recurring dream that I could fly. Is that the same? ;-)

Bellarosa said...

Oh I want to astral travel ... I almost got it ... I am thinking very hard ... Ah .. here we go ...I am thinking about a warm beach with soft white sand with crystal clear turquoise water. A small group of palm trees nearby with a hammock for two to rest in ... forget it .. I am NEVER coming back!!

fatty ~ said...

u mean people dont mind travel? then what have i been doing all this time? does this make me crazy? probably!

patti_cake said...

Astral projection is very interesting I think maybe we'd better try something a bit easier like telekinesis first :)

Leesa said...

Yes, cool idea :) Now if we could just smell the good food or feel the weather of that trip!

Angie said...

I see an entire industry popping up...The Astral Projection Hotel...where tired minds go to relax....I will be rich yet! =)

Jenn said...

You should totally start an astral travel agency....I'd lay down money that you'd have clients.

Rob said...

7. After a very quick glance at previous posts and archival materials, I'd say you've been travelling pretty far and to a lot different places...all at once. Click your heals and repeat after me, there's no place like home.

Seven said...

Yippee-skippee?? Cool phrase. This weekend I taught the professor to yell loudly "yeee-haaaaa" just like a true Texan. Last night everyone was in bed and it was quiet across the house, and then from out of one bedroom came a high-pitched 'yeeee-haaaa' followed by his mother calling out "thanks a lot Rickpa!" Maybe she would have preferred yipppeee-skipppeee

Lady Dandelion,
I thnk there are connections between memory and perhaps a degree of re-visit. I'm not so sure about going somewhere you have never been...but some people believe it possible ?

Ummm... yep I think so....

Baby steps for Cakes??

I think that is related to memory and olfactory memory. I sometimes smell spring grass (on the ground type grass) and get transported back to baseball.

Why not...You know what PT Barnum said. BTW; It wasn't "all you shit-heads pack up these dang tents"

I'm gona leave it to Storms above. I think it was her real good idea...;p

Brown-eyed girl always wants to know why we don't go places more...I keep telling her 'no place like home'...but....

Stacie said...

Maybe I should try that and give up on the pilot license! LOL Stacie

Rick said...

I get lost going to the bathroom. Can't imagine where my mind might take me.

Reach said...

What a thought! Now, I will not have to take that cruise to Alaska. Oh, wait, along your line of thought- what would happen if I got "Brain Freeze"?
As for the altitude, we have a saying in aviation. The three most useless items to ever have;
The airspace above your aircraft,
The runway behind your aircraft,
And, the fuel left in the fuel truck.
Just a thought,

Seven said...

Somehow the pilot's license seems like a more solid deal to me.

No kidding. Got the same problem, not to mention forgetting what I'm thinking about to begin with!

Reach is back....very cool. And you better than anyone could explain why fly so high and have such small wheels and no bumpers?

fatty ~ said...

woot woot! i got rick's approval!! im crazy! rock on!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

The Pk says I get lost in a phone booth (which, even though the saying doesn't please's true).

Still, first place I'm astral projecting to is Costa Rica. Should I go ahead and forward my suntan lotion now? ;)

Seven said...

Now see! There is another one of those complications and details! And what about sand buckets for the kids? And what does a ticket to Disneyworld cost if you are just there on an astral basis?

Reach said...

Please visit my site, today. I hope I have answered, at least, a couple of your questions.