Friday, December 02, 2005

Clock in the shower

We have a clock in our master bathroom. It is always 15 minutes faster than the actual time. So, if it is really 7:00 am the clock will show 7:15 am.

Why? It’s because my wife sets it that way intentionally.
I don’t get it. She does.

Here is a conversation from this morning:

Rick: Why is that clock always wrong? It keeps messing me up because it always has the wrong time.
Wife: It keeps me from being late.
Rick: How does it do that?
Wife: If I think I have 15 minutes less I go faster getting ready.
Rick: But, don’t you know what time it actually is since you set it wrong to begin with?
Wife: Well, don’t YOU know it’s wrong since I set it wrong to begin with?
Rick: That’s not the point.
Wife: What is the point then?
Rick: Well, the stupid clock has the wrong time on it.
Wife: Are you sure it’s the clock that’s stupid?
Rick: I just want to know what time it is when I’m in here.
Wife: Subtract 15 minutes.
Rick: I don’t want to.
Wife: Too bad.
Rick: Can I have my own clock in here?
Wife: No
Rick: OK
Wife: Well, you can have your own clock in the shower if you want.
Rick: The plug-in kind?
Wife: Yes, definitely the plug-in kind.
Rick: Thanks sweetie.

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