Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Praying for Uncle Jack

My wife is unsure if I should make up so many stories. She says she understands I am doing cultural satire, but that it is because she knows me so well. She is afraid I might confuse you.

She apparently has a greater fear than that.

Her uncle is very sick right now.

This conversation happened yesterday.

Wife: Mary called today and Uncle Jack is not doing well at all.
Rick: Is there anything we can do?
Wife: Mary said to be sure and say a special prayer for him today.
Rick: OK. I’ll do that.
Wife: That’s alright, you probably shouldn’t do that.
Rick: I don’t mind. It seems like I should.
Wife: Don’t worry about it honey.
Rick: You don’t want me to?
Wife: Well, maybe not.
Rick: Really?
Wife: Yea, really.
Rick: Why not?
Wife: I’m afraid God would think you are fooling around.
Rick: God knows when I’m fooling around or not.
Wife: Let’s not take the chance. It worries me.

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