Thursday, December 08, 2005

Youth in Asia

This is a story about getting your news on television. It is a reality of 2005 that we read less and watch TV more. Funny things can happen. If you just listen, but don’t know the meaning of the words, for example if you are a TV show producer, then words like ‘euthanasia’ can be words you don’t understand. It can sound like ‘Youth in Asia’.

Talk show host:
One of the most intense topics we deal with these days is euthanasia. More and more people think euthanasia is a reasonable option including the makers of the recent film ‘Million Dollar Baby’. Please welcome today’s guest Dr. Nosa Lotabouteast, a professor at the Youth in Asia Institute.
Talk show host: Dr. Lotabouteast why do more and more people think euthanasia should be considered?
Dr. Lotabouteast: The youth in asia are very important to the future of the world.
Talk show host: Yes, obviously euthanasia is an important topic. What are your personal feelings about euthanasia?
Dr. Lotabouteast: I love youth in Asia. We must honor youth in Asia all chance we have.
Talk show host: How many euthanasia’s are there in the world each year?
Dr. Lotabouteast: Every year are more and more. Next year even more than ever. If current trend continue there will be over 37 million youth in Asia next year. The year after will be 38 million youth in Asia.
Talk show host: 38 million euthanasia’s !
Dr. Lotabouteast: Yes and it will exert tremendous influence on world. The influence important. When there are many youth in Asia it has to be considered how it impact world.
Talk Show Host: I have often thought that if I felt I really needed it that I would like to have a euthanasia.
Dr. Lotabouteast: What you mean you like to have one?
Talk Show Host: I think it would be an overwhelming thing to know you could have a euthanasia experience if you wanted one.
Dr. Lotabouteast: What you mean you want have ‘youth in Asia’ experience?
Talk Show Host: Well, surely you would know better than anyone, based on your experience how euthanasia could bring relief to your physical suffering.
Dr. Lotabouteast: Oh no, no. We no talk about this thing. I go now. I no do this. Bye, bye. I go now. I no get in trouble.

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