Thursday, March 09, 2006

Are you kiddin me?

My buddy Colin tagged me all the way from London yesterday. He is a man with a quite long reach. I think he was not sober however. He's asking a 50's year old Texan USA to tell him what music I might be listening to. Why do I have the feeling I might be the butt of jokes at the pub tonight, eh?
Maybe Colin will not be sober again today and therfore not able to look up these I give him....anyhow he wanted seven songs I might pull out of I-Tunes and listen to right by golly now....OK, but with trepidation Mr. Mobile Fish, here ya go...pulled right out of my I-Tunes basket....

'Aint No Love' / David Gray
'Keep it Loose-Keep it Tight' / Amos Lee
'Keep on Pushin' / Calvin Richardson
'Disappearing World' / David Gray
'Meet Me in the Morning' / Drew Emmitt
'Long Way To Go' / Pat Green
'Bridge of St. Mark's' / Jackson Browne (new solo acoustic version)


Aims said...

Excellent Rick! I just did this too! That Fish, he's a mare!!!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I always liked Jackson Browne....;)

Seven said...

He's a mare! That sounds like it's funny but maybe a little is lost in tanslation on a Texan....? I'm comin over to see your list!

If you like Jackson's stuff, he has a recent CD where it is all acoustic, just him solo and a live audience. Very good.

Reach said...

Each of Jackson's "live" albums have excited me for their energy. I've never had the opportunity, but one day I would love to go and see it live.


Grant said...

No list can be complete without Satanic death metal. May I recommend Slayer for your listening enjoyment?

a fish on a bycicle said...

You'll be the butt of no jokes on this side of the road my good man - and I'm stone cold sober (bloody antibiotics!).

So many US artists don't get air time here, but Jackson Brown I love, although I don't know the new version.

("mare" is short for nightmare, if someone is a real pain in the arse, then they are a Weston-Super-Mare)

Seven said...

Oh I get it.....a nightmare eh? Just so you know I've been copying down some of the British lingo I sift out of your posts. Sayings and phrases peculiar or different to folks over here. I think I can have a good time with them in a post.
Now about the antibiotics....I'm on them right now too, but didn't know I couldn't drink....why did you go and tell me that ???

Anne said...

Hmmm...just checking out your posts and finding most of them absolutly hilarious..had to comment on this one though.

I too got tagged by Mr. Fish and I think that it is ironic that we have a shared song on our lists..I love Amos Lee..nice to see that great minds think alike :)