Monday, March 27, 2006

Back to Texas

Hi everyone.
We returned from Boston late last night. The meet went great for everyone, myself included and one of my teammmates Bobby Whilden established 2 new indoor world records in his age group. He is an extremely fast former University of Texas legend that is now 70 and burning up the masters trackcircuit.
Unfortunately I don't have time this morning to bore you with details of track; and was that a collective sigh of relief on your end?

One highlight: The host hotel for the meet was the Marriott Copley at Copley Square. It's a four star that is normally kinda pricey but was deeply discounted to the athletes. It had those beds that you just DO NOT want to get out of; know what I mean?
The kind with crisp clean cotton sheets, one of those soft topper things for which I don't know the name, and big down pillows, 4 per bed. The kind of bed you want to re-create at home.

Here's a photo.

Here is one photo of the view.

Like I said, I get to hang around with world record holding track athletes because they are my teammmates. I hang around hoping some of the magic will rub off on me. In the center is Bobby Whilden, U Texas legend still knocking the track world off its hinges at 70. On the right is Bill Collins, a 55 year old track legend. Bill owns so many American and World Records he may have lost count. I'm on the far left trying to hijack some of the speed and magic from these two!

I know I promised Jenn and Patti Cake a discussion forum on the double standard, gottta put some worms back in the can today, then think on that one a little.

Have a good Monday!



Jenn said...

I'm glad your trip and running went well. Welcome back!

Grant said...

Thank God you survived to return from the godless heathen infidel Yankee defilers. How were the beans?

patti_cake said...

Glad it went well, those beds look AWESOME (very good for monkeying around I bet!) and you are a handsome guy Rick! *wink* You know we are very interested in your track endeavors so spill!

Reach said...

Outstanding, way to go, and welcome back. It appears you had some time to venture into the history or your visit; but, who would want to do that, considering the company you kept?


Seven said...

I feel so ignorant, what does this mean "roflmao @ Rick"...
I ran personal bests for me, made the finals race of the 60 meters and ran a very good 200, just short of qualifying for the 6 lane final. I bet it is a good monkey bed!

Hard to believe I know but the people there were very helpful and nice. The rudest person I encountered all weekend was right here in Dallas when we got back home. I see also a cultural homogenizing (word?) across America. The architecture and climates are different but the culture of the US seems to be folding in to a common one. Just my opinion.

Jenn, place like home....but I will miss that bed!

Seven said...

We did get out a little to Boston Commons and the red line walking tour on Sunday afternoon. We also went inside the Trinity Episcopal Church designed by Henry Hobson. And of course the ladies all wanted to see the high end shopping at Copley Square! And we saw the bar that inspired the TV show Cheers.

Seven said...

I meant Henry Hobson Richardson....

patti_cake said...

rolling in the floor laughing my @ss off! = roflmao you're not ignorant - not by a long shot.
GREAT that you did your personal best!
Isn't the cheers bar WAY smaller than the set on TV?

Seven said...

I looked everywhere for Normie...not a trace, very frustrating. Maybe they should do the wax figure thing of Norm sitting at the bar for visiting nerds like me...

Reach said...

I had to laugh; when my parents went there for a visit, they found the sign for Cheers and not the Bar. I later told them it was down stairs and they laughed, as they ate lunch upstairs.